How to Improve the Efficiency, Capacity, Reliability and Resilience
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ACCC ® Conductor News - July 2020
100,000 + Kilometers of ACCC ® Conductor Installed at over 800 Projects in 52 countries
Quick Update: There are currently  29 active ACCC Conductor installations underway and start dates for  50 additional ACCC Conductor installations scheduled. Why? Because the ACCC Conductor offers the ability to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience of the electric power grid, worldwide.
One Billion Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalents Per Year Attributed to T&D Losses - But the ACCC ® Conductor is helping drive this number down!

Based on the findings of Drs Jordaan and Surana from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC and the Center for Global Sustainability, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland College Park, respectively, T&D line losses – both technical and commercial – are responsible for the production of over one billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year.

Their paper: “The climate mitigation opportunity behind global power transmission and distribution,” published in Nature Research - Climate Change - Springer Nature Limited 2019, pointed out that Electric Power Generation is the largest contributor to global GHG emissions, and mitigation efforts typically focus on improving generation efficiency and/or reducing demand AND NOT on improving the efficiency of the grid itself.

While CTC Global has been bring this fact to the attention of the T&D community, and touting the ACCC Conductor’s ability to reduce line losses by 25 to 40 percent or more, international efforts are now being made to follow the guidance offered in this important paper.

The Asian Development Bank, World Bank and others have begun providing financial assistance not only to support economic development, but also as a means of achieving emission reduction initiatives. THIS IS GOOD NEWS and very timely.

Here in the United States, CTC Global is hopeful that FERC will also recognize the important correlation between energy and climate change and support the use of energy efficient technologies such as the ACCC Conductor in their upcoming policy revision.
ENEL Goias Completes Five ACCC ® Transmission Line Upgrades in Brazil

With the Support of Hotline Construction and Engineering firm Expoente, ENEL Goias completed five 138 kV transmisión line upgrade projects in Goias, Brazil to increase line capacity for the Capital City of Goiania.
ENEL selected Linnet size ACCC ® Conductor to increase capacity of all five projects from 109 MVA to 186 MVA. The ACCC Conductor was used to replace existing ACSR Ibis size conductor on existing concrete poles. Centelsa manufactured and delivered over 93 kilometers of ACCC Conductor for the five projects and hardware was provided by Forjasul.

Span lengths ranged from 200 to 250 meters. CTC Global’s Master Installer, Edirlei Zacharias, was on site to provide training and support and the project was completed one month ahead of schedule. These ACCC line upgrades will reinforce the capacity and reliability of the electrical system of the City of Goiania, the Capital of the State of Goias, Brazil.
1/3rd of Overhead Transmission Grid of Delhi Transco Limited soon to be using ACCC ® Conductor

As per Delhi Transco Limited’s website, DTL operates more than 860 circuit kilometers of 220 and 400 KV transmission lines of which 214 circuit kilometers have been upgraded to ACCC ® Conductors. The most recent DTL ACCC Upgrade was the 220 kV Gopalpur- Mandola line in Delhi, India.

With the support of Sterlite Power, who assisted with engineering and installation and who manufactured the ACCC Conductor used on the project, DTL selected ACCC Drake size conductor to replace the existing ACSR Zebra size conductor to increase line capacity from ~700 to ~1,200 amps. The 47 circuit kilometer line upgrade has also improved the efficiency and reliability of Delhi Transco's grid.

The ACCC Reconductor project crossed over two national highways, the Yamuna River and vast wetlands. Hardware for the project was supplied by Sicame and ITL. Sterlite Power subsequently signed two additional ACCC line upgrade agreements which, when completed, will represent ACCC Conductor installations on more than a third of DTL’s transmission grid. 
ACCC Conductor is currently reducing CO 2 emissions by over 2.6 million metric tons every year - the equivalent of removing over 600,000 cars from the road
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CTC Global's Conductor Comparison Program CCP™ Software is Available Online

CTC Global is pleased to announce that our highly regarded Conductor Comparison Program (CCP™) software is now available online. The new web-based version has all the features found in the Excel version, which has been replaced and will no longer be supported. The new version is designed to make it easier to use, and it also has some new features. Having CCP online will make it easier to keep it up-to-date with new wire files and other data, and to add improvements as they are made. Users will always know they have the current version every time they log in. CCP is also compatible with tablets.

Registration to use CCP requires only a valid email address and password. Users may also use CCP as a guest however, saving and export features are only available to registered users.

Thank you for using our CCP. We welcome your feedback. For technical support, please contact
Looking for ACCC ® Conductor Hardware?
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CTC Global added a new Hardware Supplier Parts Database to our website. The database will help you find all of the hardware components you need to install ACCC ® Conductor. The database shows which hardware manufacturers offer the parts you might need in your particular region while offering many options. 
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Free Engineering Manual
To help Transmission and Distribution planners, engineers, policy makers, grid operators, technicians and others take full advantage of the ACCC ® Conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual.
It offers a very comprehensive set of design guidelines, case studies, figures and facts about conductors and composite materials, and includes links to additional resources and FAQ's
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