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2013 was another milestone year for CTC Global and the ACCC conductor. Installations were completed in Nevada, California and Texas, as well as in Russia, Poland, Germany, Columbia, India, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Chile. Additionally, ACCC was deployed to repair a downed 533 kV transmission line in Mozambique, span a lake in the Congo and used to repair an ACCC installation in Oklahoma that was damaged by an EF-4 / EF-5 tornado. (You can learn more about these projects by reviewing previous newsletters at the link below)


While AEP's 240 circuit mile 345 kV live-line reconductoring project continues in Texas, several more projects are also underway, worldwide. The experience gained in 28 countries - from the mountains of China to the deserts of Qatar - has helped improve installation procedures and reduce construction timeframes, thereby helping reduce installation costs.


CTC Global now has 18 certified manufacturing partners, worldwide, and is in the process of building a core production facility in China in a joint venture with NARI (a wholly-owned subsidiary of China State Grid). CTC Global's manufacturing strength, increased capacity and strategic partnerships are serving not only to reduce lead times they are also helping reduce delivered product costs.


On the technical side, CTC Global also introduced a series of heavy ice load conductors, some of which use the new 'ULS' (Ultra Low Sag) high-modulus, high-strength (375 ksi) core, to enable even greater spans between fewer and/or shorter structures.


While the T&D industry continues to be challenged by changing market conditions, an aging infrastructure and generation resource decommissioning and additions, CTC Global is pleased to offer a proven technology that can be used to improve the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the grid while allowing new sources of generation to be efficiently tied in. 


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Previous newsletters that offer additional project details can be reviewed HERE 

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CCP Conductor Comparison Program


CTC Global created CCP™ to help system planners and engineers compare the ampacity, line losses, thermal and ice load sag, and economic aspects of nearly any conductor type and size, so the numerous advantages of the ACCC� conductor can be fully realized. The user simply selects the conductor types and sizes from drop down menus and enters the appropriate values & assumptions highlighted in the yellow boxes. The program is fully functional and uses standard industry formulas (such as IEEE 738-2006). Outputs are readily comparable to Sag10�, PLS CADD™ and other similar programs.


1) Select Conductors; 2) Input Ambient Conditions; 3) Compare Ampacity and Temperature; 4) Input Electric Load Parameters; 5) Assess Line Loss Reductions; 6) Evaluate Line Loss Savings; 7) Realize Emission Reductions; 8) Note Peak Load Revenue; 9) Assess Conductor Tension; 10) Compare Conductor Sag

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ACCC Conductor is an internationally patented and trademark registered product of CTC Global Corporation.  The ACCC conductor is manufactured in association with 18 qualified and licensed international stranding partners. If you are interested in the ACCC conductor, please contact CTC Global to make sure your supplier is authorized to produce ACCC.  Thank You.  

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All of us at CTC Global wish you, your associates, family and friends a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.  We are honored to be part of such an important industry, are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to serving and supporting you in 2014 and the coming years.  Have a great holiday season and a safe and happy New Year.



Overview of CTC Global

CTC Global, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a privately held corporation that was established in 2011 after purchasing the assets of CTC Cable. 

CTC Global promotes efficiency, increased capacity and improved reliability of both new and existing transmission systems. CTC Global's principle business is the manufacture and sale of the patented "Aluminum Conductor Composite Core" ACCC� conductor. The composite core is currently produced at CTC Global's California facility. The core is then shipped to one of 18 licensed and qualified stranding partners worldwide to create the finished product.

In addition to core production, CTC Global also provides ancillary components such as dead-ends and splices, manufactured in association with a number of manufacturing partners, and provides engineering, installation and warranty support for all of its products. All components produced by CTC Global and its manufacturing partners are certified to ISO 9001-2008 Standards.  

The ACCC conductor offers industry-leading capacity and efficiency through any range of operating conditions compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight. The ACCC conductor's high strength and low thermal sag provides planners and engineers an efficient means of increasing capacity, and improving efficiency and reliability, without compromising structural integrity or safe ground clearances.  

Increased capacity and a 25% to 40% reduction in line losses under any load condition, also improves financial returns year after year over the life of the asset. In addition to potential fuel savings and associated emission reductions, the energy saved by the ACCC conductor's efficiency can also reduce generation requirements. In other words, reduced line losses can reduce the generation investment required to support line losses. This can help improve the economic viability of any new generation investment.

As more than 100 utilities in 28 countries have already discovered, it's cheaper to save a "Negawatt" than it is to create a Megawatt. ACCC is the right technology at the right time and provides utilities with a well proven and effective and economical solution for increasing the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the world's transmission and distribution grid.


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