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 UHV ACCC Applications


While ACCC is commonly used to increase the capacity of transmission and distribution lines ranging from ~30 to 345 kV, during the last few years a number of utilities have begun recognizing the advantages of ACCC in higher voltage applications.


In 2007, National Grid UK installed a double-bundled Cardinal size ACCC conductor at their Eakring training facility on a test line.  The goal of the project was to establish installation practices that could be used reliably for ACCC conductors on 400 kV transmission lines in their grid network.  In 2011, National Grid UK installed 45 km of a double bundled London size ACCC conductor on a 400 kV line in the UK.


In 2009 Amprion installed 3 kilometers of a double bundled Oslo size ACCC conductor on a 400 kV test line in Germany.  In 2010 Amprion installed 8.6 km of a double bundled Oslo size ACCC on a 400 kV line in Lingen, Germany.


During the same time period CTC Global shipped 17 km of ACCC Brussels size conductor to KEPRI's test site in South Korea which was installed in 3 and 6 bundle configurations and tested. 


While higher voltage lines are typically not thermally constrained, the ACCC conductor can be used to increase UHV line capacity with reduced losses compared to conventional conductors of the same diameter and weight due to the fact that ACCC incorporates 28% more aluminum - without a weight or diameter penalty. 


The ACCC conductor's higher strength and excellent resistance to cyclic load fatigue can also reduce project costs by enabling greater spans between fewer and/or shorter structures.  For more information, please contact CTC Global at: 


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