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ACCC Lapwing Conductor Increases Capacity
 of Double Circuit 230 kV Transmission Line in Louisiana


Entergy Completes 5th ACCC Installation 


With the support of a local contractor, T&D Solutions, Entergy completed its 5th ACCC conductor installation in Gonzales, Louisiana.  A single 1949 kcmil (987.5 mm^2) 1.5 inch (38.2mm) diameter (four layer) ACCC conductor was selected to increase the capacity and improve clearances of a double-bundle double-circuit 230 kV line adjacent to a substation.


Prior to the project's start, CTC Global's Field Supervisor, Bill Percy, reviewed installation procedures with several T&D Solutions personnel.  Once the outage was scheduled, Bill returned to the project site to assist. After a short weather break, CTC Global's Ismael "I-Man" Dones took over for Bill and assisted the crew in pulling the conductor over a long-span highway and railroad crossing. Due to the size of the conductor a 72 inch (183 cm) bull-wheel tensioner was used. Though heavy rains, sleet, snow and high winds caused minor delays, the project went smoothly.


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Entergy Completes 5th ACCC Installation
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