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 EDP Completes 2nd & 3rd ACCC Conductor Installations in Portugal


Providing Improved Clearances and Increased Capacity on Long-Span River & Highway Crossings


To improve clearances over River Mondego and Highway A14, EDP, a leading international energy company with operations in Portugal, Spain, the US, Canada, Brasil, France, Belgium, Poland, Russia and Africa, installed ACCC conductor at two additional project sites in Portugal.

The second project known as 'Gala-Vila Robim' is located in Figueira, Da Foz, Portugal.  EDP selected the 714 kcmil (367mm2) ACCC Amsterdam size conductor for the 60kV reconductor project. Electricidade Industrial Portuguesa, S.A. was the installation contractor. ACCC conductor offered an improvement in clearance by 11 meters  (36 feet) on the 475 meter (1560 foot) span.

Figueira da Foz is located at the mouth of the Mondego River on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the base of the Serra da Boa Viagem hills.  Figueira has a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild rainy winters and dry warm summers. The annual average temperature is around 15 �C (59 �F) and the annual average rainfall is about 600 mm (24 in). In the summer afternoons, moderate to occasionally strong north-westerly winds are common. The city is an important industrial center where paper, glass and naval construction industries thrive. It's also a fantastic tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants and casinos.  The ACCC conductor was installed over the River Mondeo to improve clearance for larger ships, while also providing increased line capacity, improved efficiency and resistance to the highly corrosive salt air environment.

EDP's third project, also a 60 kV line, is known as 'Areias-Vale B Do Tejo' and located in Vila Franca da Xira, Portugal.  EDP used the same Amsterdam size ACCC conductor.  The installation contractor was Visabrirain-Estruturas. 


Vila Franca de Xira is a municipality located on the west bank of the Tagus River, just 32 km north-east of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The town is famous for its bull-running festivals in July and October. Though it is not directly on the Atlantic coast, it is a waterfront town and, like Figeira da Foz, susceptible to high winds and corrosive salt air.  

As with EDP's first project, 'Alfena' (near Oporto), both projects were, according to EDP, "easy, perfect & clean."

ACCC River Crossing in Portugal
(look closely... it's in front of the bridge)

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Fergie was one of the original developers of the ACCC conductor.  In fact, Fergie was one of the original developers of the pultrusion process CTC Global uses to produce the ACCC conductor's composite core.  Not only did Fergie help develop the technology and many of its test protocols and test fixtures, he also created the tooling suite CTC uses to produce the product today. 


More recently, Fergie, along with several other members of CTC's R&D team, have developed a "ULS" core that not only offers a higher modulus, but also a tensile strength that is about twice that of steel - at about 1/7th the weight.  The new core will enable even greater spans with less ice and wind load sag. A truly remarkable accomplishment by a truly remarkable man.


Fergie is undoubtedly one of CTC's most valuable assets, but even more so, he is one of our best and cloeset friends on so many levels.  Fergie is also a great teacher. Every one of us at CTC owe him a huge debt of gratitude. 


When Fergie isn't busy tinkering around in one of CTC's labs (or in his own garage), you can generally find him enjoying the warm ocean breeze while sitting on his "small" (note the hint of sarcasm) boat down in Mexico.  We once asked Fergie if he preferred being at work or being on his boat and he replied "both."


Thanks Fergie, you're the best!



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