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 ACCC Conductor Installation Completed in Vietnam


286 km of ACCC Installed to Increase the Capacity of a 220 kV Transmission Line


To increase the capacity of a 220 kV transmission line running from the Bac Ninh province through the Hung Yen province to the Hai Duong province, the National Power Transmission Corporation #1 of Vietnam installed 286 km of 421.4 mm^2 (832 kcmil) Brussels size ACCC conductor.  The project was completed in two phases to allow celebration of the Lunar Tet Festival, Vietnam's most important and joyous holiday. 


The reconductor project was located in the Red River Delta region of North Vietnam which is affected by a hot and humid tropical monsoon climate.  The average temperature is about 23 degrees C (73 F) and the average rainfall is about 1,550 mm (61 inches) per year.  ACCC was selected over other high-capacity conductor alternatives due to its decreased sag and reduced line loss performance attributes.


The line traversed residential and agricultural communities and at one location accommodated a 700 meter (2,300 foot) river crossing.

ACCC Conductor Installed in Vietnam

 ACCC Conductor Installed in
Riverside, California


Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) selected ACCC conductor for a new 69 kV distribution line installed to reroute power around the new Ryan Bonaminio Park at Tequesquite Arroyo near the base of Mount Rubidoux.
The new park, named in honor of a fallen Riverside Police Officer, will include a community garden, ball fields, basketball courts, a playground, walking paths, a Chinese garden and 350-space parking lot. The park's grand opening will take place at 4:00 pm on June 29th. 
RPU used its own field crew to install the new line. CTC Global provided field training. RPU recently energized the line and will evaluate its performance to see how the ACCC conductor might be used in other parts of RPU's energy delivery system to increase line efficiency, capacity and reliability. RPU serves more than 106,000 metered electric customers in its service territory.

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The ACCC conductor's outstanding performance has allowed more than 100 utilities worldwide to exploit its unique advantages while saving millions of dollars delivering more power, more efficiently, with reduced line losses, decreased fuel consumption and reduced generation emissions.  To learn more about how the ACCC conductor can work for you, please visit our website

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ACCC Conductor is an internationally patented and trademark registered product of CTC Global Corporation.  The ACCC conductor is manufactured in association with several qualified and licensed international stranding partners. If you are interested in the ACCC conductor, please contact CTC Global to make sure your supplier is authorized to produce ACCC.  Thank You.  
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ACCC Installation Completed in Vietnam
ACCC Installation Completed in California
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Responding to an ever-increasing demand to help select the most appropriate size of the highest performing ACCC conductor available, CTC Global has developed a new software program, CCP.


The program is available at no charge to utility planners, transmission engineers and others involved in conductor selection, project engineering and project economics. Using the design parameters associated with your specific project, CCP can calculate and compare ampacity, sag, tension, line losses, and the economics associated with the reduction in thermal sag and line losses the ACCC conductor offers compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight.


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To help T&D planners, engineers, and technicians take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual. Contact CTC Global today to request a copy.


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 Is ACCC Conductor Difficult to Install?


No. With the exception of using crescent wrenches to tighten the internal components of the ACCC dead-ends and splices prior to using conventional compression fittings, there is virtually no difference installing ACCC conductor compared to installing other conductors such as AAC, AAAC, ACAR, ACSR or ACSS conductors.

As with any conductor, proper installation techniques require industry-accepted skills and the use of appropriate equipment and installation procedures as described in IEEE 524 and other similar guidelines, including CTC Global's Installation Guideline document.

It's also a good practice to make sure equipment is correctly sized and in good working condition.

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