16 August 2019

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There are a number of potential threats to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. (Photo: ABC News)
Who buys and sells Australia's water will be the focus of a new study by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Terms of the study, announced today, require the ACCC to investigate "the number of participants and sectors participating in" the Murray-Darling Basin's $2 billion water market.
And this is why it’s so important to get the water situation sorted …

Southern Australia just had its driest January to July on record, but parts of Victoria have been very dry for much longer. Rainfall from April 2018 to July 2019 was in the lowest 10% of historic records for most of Gippsland and the Mallee, and parts of the north central and north. At the same time, much of NSW and eastern SA had severe rainfall deficiencies. In some places, the 16-month April-July rainfall was the lowest on record.
A switch from grain growing to olive-oil production has proven a boon for third-generation farmer Bruce Spinks and wife Joo-Yee Lieu. They produce extra-virgin olive oil and table olives from 2000 trees of five olive varieties at Wollundry Grove Olives near Wagga Wagga in southern NSW.

Backpackers from 13 countries are being targeted by Immigration Minister David Coleman as he seeks to find workers wanted by regional businesses. The move has won in-principle support from the National Farmers' Federation, even if it is still demanding a fully fledged agricultural visa.
Have you had your say on the unfair Health Star Rating System? Listen to why you should
Cooking oils need to be removed from the Health Star Rating System and time is running out to have your say.
The survey linked below clearly states why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is healthier than refined oils like canola oil and sunflower oil, even though these oils rank healthier than Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the current system.
AOA CEO also recently gave a great user-friendly explanation on the issue in an interview with Oscar Wills on ABC Riverina’s Breakfast program – listen here.
If you agree, help make this happen by signing the petition and leaving a comment that you think cooking oils should be removed from the Health Star Rating System and why.

Sign the petition here

To post a comment while signing, follow these steps:
Once you have clicked on the survey link above, log into or create a Change.org account.
You can leave your comment in the box 'I'm signing because...'
Once you have added your comment, just press the "Sign this petition" button.
Let’s make this happen – have your say now!
CHANGE: Thirlstane, Tas, farmer Matt Ryan is calling on retailers to start educating consumers on the value of food.
A Tasmanian potato grower says supermarket giants and consumers are more responsible for low prices than processor Simplot. Last month, Tasmanian potato growers unanimously rejected Simplot's price offer and are working to negotiate a new contract.

Potatoes or olive oil … it’s all about recognition of the true value of food production.
Got olive equipment you no longer use? Why not offer it for sale directly to your target market – OLIVE GROWERS AND PRODUCERS
Your production level has changed and you’ve outgrown that small processor but there’s undoubtedly another producer out there for whom it would be an ideal size. Why not get together and do a deal through Olivebiz Classifieds – THE intra-industry way to sell, buy and source. 
If you’ve got something industry-related to sell, our online Classifieds service is an easy and inexpensive solution to advertise your unwanted equipment, extra oil or even your grove. And if there’s something you’re looking for, it’s the ideal way to get the message out loud and clear to your peers and industry. 
Olivebiz Classifieds cost just $40 for AOA members ($100 for non-members), including a text ad and link through to either your web page or images hosted on our site. And you don’t need to be a tech-head: just send us your info and we’ll post it up for you.
Olivebiz Classifieds are online now at www.olivebiz.com.au/classifieds. To arrange a listing, contact Gerri at editor@olivegrower.com.au
Changes to land management, deforestation and food production are necessary to combat climate change. (Getty Images: Ted Mead)
We must urgently revolutionise what we eat, how we grow it and the way we use land if the world is to combat dangerous climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report published on Thursday.
2019 Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for Young Farmers
Sponsored by the Department for Environment and Water, the 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship aims to provide SA farmers aged 18-40 the opportunity to improve personal and professional skills that will benefit the industry, the individual in their own business or employment and the sustainability of natural resources that underpin primary production.
The Scholarship may be used for study tours, courses or further study or assist to directly fund their commencement of a specific project. More information here.
Cyber Security Small Business Program

The Cyber Security Small Business Program aims to address the increasing threat of cybercrime to small business. It provides support via two related channels:
  • a grant to the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) Australia & New Zealand to assist in growing the pool of CREST approved members, and to expand its range of quality assured cyber security services;
  • grants of up to $2,100 to small businesses for 50% of the value of a certified small business cyber security health check by a CREST approved provider. 
Find out more here.
Update to West Australian Olive Awards 2019
Entries are currently open for the West Australian Olive Awards 2019, proudly organised by the WA Olive Council in affiliation with the Australian Olive Association. This year’s competition features several new trophies, including Best Non-WA Olive Oil, bringing the trophy haul on offer to eight.
In a coup for promotional benefits, the WAOC has also negotiated for Perth premium supermarket chain Farmer Jacks to have the winners of Best Commercial WA Oil of Show and Best Commercial WA Infused Oil of Show featured in 12 supermarkets for a minimum of three months.
The closing date for entries has now been extended to 2 September, so there’s still plenty of time to enter. For an information pack and entry form, contact Chief Steward Anj Walia - ph: 0470 548 780 or entries@oliveswa.com.au.
It’s time to get your entries in for the Australian International Olive Awards – don’t miss your chance to be named 2019 BEST EVOO or TABLE OLIVES OF SHOW
This could be you!
We hope you’ve got your oil ready and lab testing organized, because there are only two weeks left to enter the 2019 Australian International Olive Awards – Australia’s premier EVOO and table olive competition.
Providing an unmatched opportunity for peer review and brand promotion, the 2019 competition features new elements including:
  • Reserved Champion of Class awards - increased chances of winning
  • Bigger and better trophies
  • Online decal ordering
  • Medal results emailed post-judging
  • Earlier entry and earlier results = early promotion and increased marketing opportunities
Key dates:
Entries now open
30 August – entries close
18 October – Awards Presentation Dinner, Albury, NSW
More information here or contact Chief Steward Trudie Michels on 0419 031 527, tmichels@globaldial.com.
TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory workshops – WA closed, book now for Wangaratta
Registrations have now closed for this Sunday’s T asteBook™/OliveCare® sensory training workshop at Mt Howthorn, WA but you can still book for the Wangaratta, Vic event, being held on Saturday, 31 August at the Quality Hotel Wangaratta Gateway. 
Feedback from the workshops to date has been outstandingly positive, with attendees gaining invaluable insight into the evaluation process, varietal nuances and EVOO quality parameters. Don’t miss the opportunity to: 
  • learn what makes award winning EVOO and table olives stand out from the rest
  • understand what judges look for in industry competitions
  • develop your taste palate
  • network with peers.
The program includes sensory training, olive oil chemistry, freshness testing of EVOO and determining objective best before dates (BBDs) and more, providing an interactive learning experience which will benefit olive growers and processors, olive oil judges and anyone wishing to gain a better appreciation for EVOO and table olives.  
The cost is just $40 for levy payers, $50 non-levy payers, including catering and comprehensive course notes. 
Don’t miss your opportunity to learn - register now for the Wangaratta, Vic event on Saturday, 31 August.  
More information and register here, where you’ll also find the full national schedule.

“It took my basic knowledge to the next level with respect to sensory analysis.”

“World class presenters. Friendly collaborative environment. Outstanding venue and catering.”
New Zealand
New Focus Grove Project approved

Olives New Zealand has received funding approval for its new Focus Grove Project “Meeting the demand for NZ EVOO” under the MPI Sustainable Food and Fibres Futures programme, giving the project the green light.
The new project follows on from the initial 2016-2019 Focus Grove Project, which saw participating groves dramatically increase both tree health and production levels – some achieving as much as 35kg/tree – and aims for further improvements in both via a regime of specified management practices.
This is great news for the NZ industry and provides well-deserved recognition of the efforts of Olives NZ, the project consultants and the Focus Grove owners throughout the first successful project.

We’ll look more closely at the new project in the September edition of Olivegrower & Processor.

Corto Olive, L.P. and Gemsa Enterprises, LLC today announced the favorable settlement of Corto Olive’s lawsuit against Gemsa Oils for allegedly infringing Corto Olive’s 51-49® registered trademark and the distinctive packaging for its brand of blended oil.

A good reminder that when it comes to branding and labelling, you’ve always got to check!
A number of olive trees uprooted to make way for the controversial Santa Luċija road project were yesterday trucked to a remote field in Dingli and replanted. It is not known who owns the field or how it was chosen but a government spokesman assured The Sunday Times of Malta that it would only be a temporary home.

This three-month study of the keto diet, which included a rigorous physical training component, resulted in an overall improvement in body composition for active service members.

Not surprisingly, the researchers’ recommended primary source for this high-fat diet is olive oil.

09-Aug-2019 By Katy Askew 

IBM is developing robotic flavour detection technology that, the company believes, could help combat food fraud. 

The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture has predicted that olive oil production will reach 350,000 tons this season. If their forecast proves to be correct, Tunisia could find itself for the second time the world’s second largest oil producer after Spain.

When it comes to buzzwords and superfoods, you’re likely to find extra virgin olive oil at the top of the list. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most common cooking ingredients that people use to implement a healthy life. In fact, the Mediterranean diet, which is often credited as being the healthiest diet in the world, has it as its staple.
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The trade deal will eliminate tariffs on both Mercosur and EU exports and creates the world's largest bloc of olive oil consumers and producers.

06-Aug-2019 By Jenny Eagle 

Teen Fionn Ferreira, 18, from West Cork, Ireland, has won $50k in this year’s Google Science Fair for his project extracting microplastics from water.

Not directly olive-related but anything to do with improved water quality is good news!

06-Aug-2019 By Oliver Morrison 

The controversial pesticide does not meet criteria for the renewal of its EU approval, says the EFSA. 

At least ten olive-growing countries in the Mediterranean basin are ranked as "high water stress," according to data compiled by the World Resources Institute.
What's On

Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums – all states, Australia 

18 August
TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory workshop - Mt Hawthorn, WA

20 August
Royal Adelaide Olive Awards Presentation Dinner – Lockleys, SA 

26 August
Entries close, 2019 Royal Easter Show Olive Oil Competition – Auckland, NZ

30 August
Entries close, Australian International Olive Awards – Sydney, NSW

31 August
TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory workshop – Wangaratta, NSW

2 September
Closing date for entries, West Australian Olive Awards – Perth, WA 

20 September
TasteBook™/OliveCare® sensory workshop - Roseworthy, SA

22-27 September
Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere – Tacna, Peru

24 September
2019 Taste of Excellence Awards, Sydney Fine Food Show – Sydney, NSW

4 October
Entries close, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

12 October
ONZ EVOO Awards Dinner – Wellington, NZ 

12 October
Awards dinner- West Australian Olive Awards 2019 - WA 

18 October
Presentation dinner, Australian International Olive Awards – Albury, NSW

16-19 October
2019 National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition – Albury, NSW

12-14 November
Food & Hotel China 2019 – Shanghai, China

14 November
Awards presentation, 2019 Hunter Valley Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

26-28 November
SITEVI – Montpellier, France 


7-8 February 
Sensory Masterclass – Geelong, Vic

9-12 February
World Congress on Oils & Fats – Sydney, Australia

23-25 April
2020 London International Olive oil Competitions – London, UK

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