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The United States of Immigrants? Ilegal human beings?
Children in prison?
Tamara chats with nationally acclaimed immigration attorney, Barbara Hines, on ACCESS News this Sunday.
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AUSTIN, Texas - Do you look like an American? What should an American look like? Are we a nation of immigrants? Should we build a wall around our borders? Are there too many immigration laws? Do immigrants (illegal or otherwise) pay taxes? Nationally acclaimed immigration attorney, Barbara Hines, chats with Tamara about U.S. immigration policy, the lawsuit to improve conditions for children at the Don Hutto Family Detention facility in Taylor, Texas, the Corrections Corporation of America, the Dream Act, and much more this Sunday!        

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Our guests include: Jim Hightower, "America's #1 Populist"; Kathy Miller, President of the Texas Freedom Network; Barbara Hines, nationally acclaimed immigration attorney; Ken Herman, Pulitzer Prize winner and Journalist for the Austin-American Statesman; Maggie Miller, founder of DiscoverHope; Tom "Smitty" Smith, Director of Public Citizen Texas; U.S. Representative Michael McCaul; Chief of Police, Art Acevedo; Nobel Prize winner and scientist, Camille Parmesan; Peggy Kelsey, creator of the Afghan Women's Project; Michael Webber, energy expert; and Chuck Courtney from the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation at the University of Texas.


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Tamara Suiter-Ocuto
Tamara Suiter-Ocuto


Photo Barbara Hines Barbara Hines, nationally acclaimed immigration attorney

Jennifer Stoker
Jennifer Stoker


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ACCESS News Bringing You
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