A successful Summative Conference requires preparation and focus from both the administrator and the teacher. While the DPAS-II system does not require any specific type of preparation from teachers, you can support your teachers to reflect and plan prior to the conversation to ensure that it is a positive experience. There are a few steps teachers can take to prepare:
  • Review past observations, notes and feedback to refresh on trends from the cycle.
  • Review the Delaware Framework for Teaching, and self-assess on each Criterion. Conduct an honest self-assessment based on the evidence and feedback from the course of the cycle.
  • Identify growth areas and support needed from the administrator in order to grow. Consider these questions:
  • What do you see as some of the strengths in your teaching practice?
  • What are areas in which you want to grow and develop?
  • In what areas of your instruction do you feel you’ve made improvement over the course of this year? What contributed to that improvement? How can we push that improvement further?