Federal Communications Commission Seeks Local Preemption on Broadband Projects

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering whether to preempt local governments' authority to regulate the use of local taxpayer right-of-way in order to expedite certain broadband developments. Among other provisions, the FCC seeks to end local governments' moratoriums on permits/applications, shorten the time frame by which an application must be approved or denied, have applications "deem granted" if these shortened timeframes are not met, and reduce the administrative recoupment fees associated with the permitting process. Learn more about the proposed FCC rules here.

Increased Truck Weights May Again be Addressed by Congress This Fall

The U.S. Congress will likely begin addressing America’s infrastructure needs and challenges this fall.  Among issues expected to arise are increasing truck length and weight limits on America’s interstates – which necessarily means heavier trucks on county roads leading to and from interstates as well.  The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) is preparing for this debate by asking local elected officials from across the country to lend their name to the a letter opposing these increases.  Georgia county commissioners may be concerned due to the wear and tear heavier trucks cause on local road and bridge infrastructure, and the ultimate increased cost to county taxpayers.  If you would like to sign onto the CABT letter to Congress, please contact:

Ms. Cindy Mills, Regional Director of Coalition Against Bigger Trucks at 803-422-1517 or cmills@cabt.org.

Department of Labor Drops Defense of Overtime Pay Rule Change

The National Association of Counties (NACo) recently reported that the U.S. Department of Labor will not defend the higher threshold of overtime pay for professional employees that had been scheduled to take effect last December. Instead, it has asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on whether the department had the authority to set overtime pay based on a worker's salary. Since 2015, NACo has expressed its concerns over the increased administrative financial burden the rule would impose on counties.

Click here to access the full report from NACo.