Legislative Update
Volume 10 , Issue 4       
February 8, 2019

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HB 184 and SB 66 - Compromise Small Cell (5G) Legislation Introduced in Both the House and Senate

During the past two years, ACCG has opposed legislation which would have greatly preempted local government management of the public's right-of-way for the placement of small cell (5G) poles, antennas and equipment. At the urging of the General Assembly, ACCG, the Georgia Municipal Association, Verizon and AT&T negotiated a reasonable compromise over the 2018 interim that has incorporated the many safeguards which ACCG had called for in these bills.

This week, HB 184 and SB 66 were introduced by Rep. Brett Harrell and Sen. Steve Gooch, respectively. Key points of this ACCG compromise small cell wireless deployment legislation include:

  • Incentives for co-location in order to limit new poles
  • Protections for historic districts and residential areas
  • The requirement that telecoms share build-out plans prior to deploying new facilities
  • A safe-harbor in case the current FCC order preempting state and local regulatory control of 5G deployment is overturned
  • Prohibition of speculative permit requests by third parties
  • Safeguards for local aesthetic and decorative pole conditions

Please review the two-page overview of the small cell wireless deployment legislative compromise for more detailed information. Contact Deputy Legislative Director Todd Edwards ( tedwards@accg.org) if you have any questions about the proposed legislation.
GDOT Presents Ten Year Plan
This week, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) presented its Ten Year Plan to the House and Senate Transportation Committees. The plan includes an overview of GDOT'S budget and highlights the department's efforts to repair bridges and invest in the movement of freight. The PowerPoint presentation can be found here and a recording of the committee meeting can be viewed here.
Department of Revenue Reports on DRIVES Progress
Department of Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley reported on the status of implementation of the DRIVES System at the Capitol this week. DRIVES, the integrated online motor vehicle tag/title and driver’s license system, will go live May 27, 2019. Because county tax commissioners perform the vast majority of tag and title transactions, it is essential that those local offices have the necessary equipment in place as soon as possible.

While most counties are on track in this regard, DOR reports that 10 counties do not yet have equipment in place and 28 counties are still working on internet connectivity issues. Information on those counties is included in DOR’s DRIVES update, which can be found here.
2019 Adjournment Resolution Passes
The House and Senate passed HR 152, the adjournment resolution that establishes the 2019 legislative calendar through Day 40. Crossover Day, legislative day 28 and the last day for a bill to pass out of the chamber in which it originates, is scheduled for Thursday, March 7. Sine Die, legislative day 40 and the final day of session, is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2. Click here to view HR 152 which outlines the complete legislative calendar.
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