February 7, 2020
Volume 11, Issue 4
Legislature in Adjournment Until February 18 to Focus on Budget
Legislative Calendar is Established Through Crossover Day
  On Wednesday, February 5, the General Assembly changed its current schedule and set the Legislative Calendar through Day 28, otherwise known as Crossover Day. The legislature is now in adjournment to allow the House additional time to review and revise the Governor’s proposed FY 2020 amended and FY 2021 budgets.

Legislators will reconvene on Tuesday, February 18 for Day 13 of the session and have currently scheduled Crossover Day for Thursday, March 12 . Please click here to view the new Legislative Calendar.
Regulating Short-Term Rentals - State Preemption on the Move

A new version of House Bill 523 was introduced and passed out of the House Regulated Industries Committee on Wednesday, significantly restricting a local government's ability to regulate short-term rentals (STRs) within its community. The legislation defines STRs, preempts local governments from prohibiting or registering STRs, and preempts locals from treating these properties any differently than other residential properties. This will effectively prohibit counties from imposing occupancy limits, requiring registration of such properties, regulating rental frequency, or requiring licenses/permits for inspections of such properties. 

If you have concerns with this legislation, please contact your House Rules Committee member(s) .      
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More from the Gold Dome
Sovereign Immunity Waiver Measure Introduced

In response to the veto of House Bill 311 in 2019, Rep. Andy Welch introduced House Resolution 1023 , a proposed constitutional amendment that would waive the sovereign immunity of the state, counties, and cities for certain non-monetary claims.

Please ask your county attorneys to review this legislation and to contact Larry Ramsey at lramsey@accg.org with any questions.
Bill Proposes Streamlined Permitting for Alcohol Beverage Licenses

House Bill 674 , authored by Rep. Alan Powell, was presented during the Alcohol-Tobacco Subcommittee of the Regulated Industries Committee this week. This bill authorizes the Department of Revenue (DOR), on or before January 1, 2021, to develop and implement a state-wide, centralized online platform for retailers to submit initial applications and renewals for locally and state issued alcohol beverage licenses.

The bill’s author has requested that ACCG work with our partners at the Georgia Municipal Association and DOR to discuss any concerns we’d have with this new process of issuing alcohol beverage licenses. Please provide feedback to Kathleen Bowen by emailing her at kbowen@accg.org or calling (404)589-7850.
Timber Harvesting: Changes to County Ordinance and New Notification Website

Legislation related to timber harvesting was introduced by Rep. James Burchett. House Bill 897 establishes a framework for a statewide timber harvest notification web page housed by the Georgia Forestry Commission; increases the fine for harvesters who fail to notify the county that they are operating; and increases the bond amount due by harvesters who have previously been found to cause damage to county roads and rights of way.

In addition, the legislation narrows the scope of when the bond can be used and creates a timeline for when and how a county can utilize a bond. For additional details click here .  
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