Broadband Bill Entails Numerous Preemptions on Local Control of Local Land Use and Right of Way 

SB 232 enacts the Facilitating Internet Broadband Rural Expansion (FIBRE) Act.  Among its various components, the telecommunication industry’s portion of the bill sets out a substantial list of preemptions and mandates that may significantly impact a local government's permitting and regulation of telecommunications poles and equipment within and outside its right of way.  It also sets preemptions and requirements on a local government's permitting of cell towers.  ACCG opposes these sections of the bill, believing that local governments, not the state, are best apt to manage the local taxpayer's right of way.  We strongly encourage you to have transportation, legal and/or planning staff review this legislation and submit any comments or concerns to ACCG's Todd Edwards at and your Senator(s).

Action Needed:   SB 232 is likely to have a hearing before the Senate Regulated Industries Committee on Monday, February 27. Please contact your Senators, and particularly committee members , with any concerns you have on the bill.