We are pleased to share the following news and updates related to ACDS programs and services, including information about the ACDS 2019 annual conference.

From all the staff at ACDS, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.  Please  to ACDS members from CEO, Andrea Hesse. 


ACDS 2019 Conference

Save the date!  The ACDS conference is on May 13-14, 2019 in Calgary

This year's conference titled,  "Positioning for New Realities"  will identity and explore the current and emerging realities in the community disability sector in Alberta. These include the new realities related to: the individuals supported by the sector; the community disability workforce; new technologies; funding structures; and diversity in workplaces and in support settings. 

The conference will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to support them in their service provision. It will also assist organizational leaders to think strategically about the emerging landscape of community disability services and to move forward in the context of these new realities.

Our conference goal is to provide a strong learning experience that focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise from a range of speakers and presenters with concurrent sessions customized to leadership (executives and senior management), middle management and front-line staff.  For more information about the conference theme  
This two-day conference will be held at the Calgary Best Western Premier Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre . Registration will begin in February 2019. 

Training and Development Update

Register now for free Online Outcomes Training

Online Outcomes Training is currently fully subsidized by the Government of Alberta until March 31, 2019. This important course is intended to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of front-line staff in the community disability sector to allow them to effectively support Individuals, children and families to achieve meaningful outcomes.  Register here for this free course.
Visit the ACDS website to register for other current and ongoing training programs.

Standards and Accreditation Update

Recognizing recently accredited organizations

CET Accreditation  Level 2

Level 2 service providers are recognized by the community disability sector for their innovative and creative approaches to allow for the delivery of quality services to individuals with development disabilities.  These service providers have demonstrated a higher level of quality than required with the mandatory CET Level 1 Accreditation and can be proud to offer Accreditation Level 2 as the benchmark that individuals accessing services deserve.

Arch Enterprises & Training Association of Edmonton
ACDS congratulates Arch Enterprises for achieving CET Accreditation Level 2 for its Community Access Services and its Employment Supports, which include Pre-Employment, and Employment Placement and Preparation. This service provider also met the requirements for the Complex Support Needs Designation. Arch Enterprises' notable achievements and commendations include
  • Having Christina Grey, the Minister of Labour, recognize Arch Enterprises for its work and endeavors during a visit that was featured on Global news
  • Ensuring that the individuals' rights are protected by the way it engages individuals in understanding their rights and giving feedback
  • Addressing the health and safety of employees through its staff Safety Manual and its support for staff to access training and be promoted to on-site positions of responsibility
  • Conducting human resources planning that includes over and above support of staff goals
  • Providing a Human Resources Policy and Procedure that includes a thorough and useful benefits package
  • Promoting employee satisfaction, as evidenced from feedback from individuals and guardians

CET Accreditation
 Level 1

Congratulations to the service providers listed below for attaining CET Accreditation Level 1 in the last quarter.
  • Advance Society Innisfail: Support for the Developmentally Disabled
  • Chrysalis, An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities - Calgary Region 
  • Chrysalis, An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities - Edmonton Region 
  • Clients Ongoing Rehabilitation & Equality Associate (CORE)
  • New Age Services
  • The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
  • Optional Rehabilitation Services Inc. (OPTIONS)
  • The Venturers Society, Calgary and South
  • Venturers Society of Calgary 
  • Venturers Society of Calgary - South Region 
  • Wild Rose Caregivers
  • Winnifred Stewart
Responding to your questions related to harm reduction and trauma-informed care training

A question has been raised about when service providers need to provide harm reduction and trauma-informed care training as stated in Standard 35 (Risk Management), Indicator 1: "
The service provider has timely, evidence-based training in harm reduction and trauma-informed care." Part of the confusion is because Standard 41 (Employee Training and Development) states that these two topics "may" be included in complex behaviour support training. 
Please note that, if your organization serves individuals who have co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, then Standard 35, Indicator 1 is not applicable.  However, if the individuals also present chronic substance abuse/dependency problems or self-harm behaviour, then staff will require training in harm reduction and trauma-informed care. This is consistent with the PDD/AHS definition of complex needs.

ACDS member news and events

Rehoboth Christian Ministries recognized for occupational health and safety initiatives

Rehoboth Christian Ministries has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program with the Alberta government and the Workers' Compensation Board.
This recognition was earned after a robust audit proved that Rehoboth's occupational health and safety policies, processes and practices are in place and effective, and meet the vigorous standards of the PIR program.  Congratulations to everyone involved at Rehoboth!

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