We hope you are enjoying these warm summer months. ACDS remains hard at work at this time, and is pleased to bring you updates from the office and our various program areas.
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ACDS Staffing UpdateStaff

ACD S recently welcomed a new staff member to the team!

Jessy Cheung, Training & Development Coordinator
Jessy joined ACDS in mid-May with a background in higher education from a number of academic institutions, including: the University of Calgary, Queen's University, the New York Institute of Technology, and Western Illinois University. He has experience in developing student leadership programs, facilitating workshops, and using technology to support adult learning. Jessy is responsible for content development and is eager to both broaden and deepen the ACDS training and development curriculum. Jessy welcomes feedback from the community on how staff can be trained to respond to trends in the sector. He can be reached at jessy@acds.ca . Jessy is supported by Kakoli Mitra, Training and Development Administrator.  Kakoli oversees the logistics for scheduling training and learner registration.

Training and Development UpdateTraining

New courses

The self-directed version of our Foundations in Community Disability Studies course was released on June 17. This course is for learners seeking an introduction to our field without the applied skills checklist and without the certificate offered by our formal Foundations course.    Another course, Facilitating Meaningful Change with Outcomes was released on July 16. This course is for service provider staff seeking knowledge on how to optimize outcomes in their organization, particularly with individual service plans for supported individuals.

More information about each course is provided in their respective registration page: Foundations in Community Disability Studies (Self-Directed) and Facilitating Meaningful Change with Outcomes .

Upcoming opportunities

Stay tuned for new course offerings in August!
By August 1, we will release an updated version of our Foundations online course that emphasizes agency-based mentorship to support learners. We will also release an updated version of Fundamentals of Mentorship to support capacity building and learning within organizations.

We are currently expanding our training program capacity through offerings in Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training and Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS) courses. To stay current with these upcoming changes, please visit the ACDS website .

Please email training@acds.ca for questions about training and development programs.
or visit our Training and Events page for up to date information

Standards and Accreditation Update Standards

Congratulations to ACDS accredited organizations

CET Accreditation Level 2 for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Level 2 service providers are recognized by the Community Disability Services (CDS) sector for their innovative and creative approaches to delivering quality services to individuals with development disabilities. These service providers have demonstrated a higher level of excellence than required for basic accreditation and can be proud to use Accreditation Level 2 as the benchmark that individuals accessing service deserve.

Key Support Services Inc.
Key Support Services (KSS) achieved Accreditation Level 2 following its survey in April 2019. The services accredited are its Overnight Residences and its Community Access. The "Key" in KSS is to show how its services unlock barriers for individuals with developmental disabilities as well as for the people who provide the supports. Providing the right services to the right person at the right time is also "Key."
KSS is commended for:
  • taking a leap forward and purchasing homes in suitable neighbourhoods where individuals become part of their communities.
  • purchasing and renovating a new administration building that is much more suitable for the organization and where the individuals and guardians can proudly identify with their service provider.
  • having a governance structure that includes opportunities for growth and development, including research in housing projects (as this has a direct benefit for individuals).
Edmonton Integrated Services Ltd.
Edmonton Integrated Services (EIS) met Accreditation Level 2, the Complex Support Needs Designation, and Respite for Children and Adults with Disabilities following its survey in April 2019. EIS' Shared Living Program, Support Home Program, Community Access, SIL (CSPE Program) and Respite Services are the services accredited.
EIS' accomplishments include:
  • its Opportunities Committee, which is made up of individuals accessing service who meet to discuss how to give back to the community.
  • its support of cultural diversity by involving an Aboriginal elder to assist with development of planned approaches for individuals who have an aboriginal background and by sending staff to an Intercultural Specialist workshop.
KSS is commended for:
  • the quality and presentation of the employee files. The survey team reports that they have never seen employee files so well laid out and easy to follow.
The Dove Centre
The Dove Centre reached Accreditation Level 2 after meeting the verification required from its survey in December 2018. The services accredited are its Supported Independent Living, In-home Respite, Community Access, Employment Preparation, and Employment Support. 
Dove's accomplishments include several initiatives and annual commitments to support inclusion and cultural diversity (e.g., Harvest Feast, Regional Abilities Awareness Committee, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Native Friendship Centre).
Dove is commended for:
  • offering local school-bus drivers the opportunity to take the organization's Mandt system training to better enable them to serve individuals with behaviours of concern riding the bus.
  • encouraging and involving individuals in leadership roles by supporting and providing opportunities for sharing and teaching in their afternoon learning program.
  • the commitment and excellent effort that all staff, management and board members who fulfilled the day-to-day operations and future planning of Dove while the CEO was away.
CET Accreditation Level 1 for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Congratulations to the service providers listed below for attaining CET Accreditation Level 1 in the last quarter. Your accomplishments are highly appreciated by ACDS and the individuals who access your services.
  • Bluefox Association
  • Excel Society - Calgary (Stand Alone Complex Support Needs)
  • Fisher Farm Residential Ltd.
  • Horizons Training Centre Society
  • The In-Definite Arts (o/a Indefinite Arts Centre)
  • Independent Advocacy (2010) Inc.
  • Lifestyle Choices Support Society
  • MIRA Facilitation Center
  • Neighborhood Bridges Ltd.
  • New Beginnings Association of Southern Alberta
  • Next Step Residential Services (Medicine Hat) Ltd.
  • Olds Association for Community Living
  • Progressive Alternative Society of Calgary
  • Resicare Society of Calgary
  • Rocky Support Services Society
  • Skills Society
  • Transitions Association of St. Albert
  • Vantage Enterprises Ltd.
  • Westlock Independence Network (WIN)
  • Wainwright Association for Community Living
Workforce Development Update Workforce

Seeking members to participate in a free pilot of a new course: Building a Culture of Safety

As we further our efforts to build capacity and strengthen the CDS sector workforce, ACDS will offer a new course this fall titled, "Building a Culture of Safety". We are looking for members to participate in a pilot of the project for free in August! The short course is targeted towards leadership, management, human resource personnel, and safety representatives. It will give an overview of the top safety issues facing the CDS sector, the importance of creating a safety culture within your organization, measurement tools and goal-setting metrics, as well as provide engaging videos and activities to be used by all staff regularly to strengthen organizational culture around safety. The course is designed to go hand-in-hand with existing safety training and procedures, and will tackle big questions such as, " how do you decrease employee retention and burnout?"

If you are interested in being one of the first to pilot the course and provide valuable feedback, please contact Amanda Poitras, Workforce & Research Coordinator, at  amanda@acds.ca or  (403)250-9495 ext. 223.

  Energy Efficiency Program Update Energy

Register for the new energy efficiency workshops

The second cycle of the Energy Efficiency Program has begun with great interest and uptake. At the ACDS 2019 Annual Conference, we introduced our new energy efficiency workshops. Participants learned about energy and the environment and the importance of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to the CDS sector. The workshops are designed to be engaging, interactive and informative, with participants actively create a terrarium while they learn. The workshops also serve as a great team-building activity.
We will host more of these interactive workshops in September.  Workshops will run from September 1 to December 1.  

Registration for this popular workshop opens on August 1 and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To register for the workshops, contact Semaa Amin, Energy Efficiency Coordinator, at semaa@acds.ca or (403)250-9495 ext. 240

Members making terrariums during workshop at the ACDS 2019 Annual Conference

Other News and EventsOther

Save the dates for surveyor training: Sept 24 and 25, 2019

ACDS is hosting Surveyor Training on Tuesday, September 24, and Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

We require applicants for CET surveyor training to have management and leadership experience in Community Disability Services. Experience within the Persons with Developmental Disabilities / Disabilities, Inclusion, Accessibility Division is an asset. To find an application to become a CET surveyor, click the following link to the ACDS webpage: Register today for surveyor training

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