Membership Update
ACE is sharing an update on our 2022 activity that demonstrates the work we're doing toward our vision for the future of the ethanol industry.

As you may recall, in the fall of 2020, we launched a strategic 5-year plan called Accelerate to communicate the opportunities we see ahead and to demonstrate the value of your membership in ACE. This update is our commitment to delivering results that matter to our members. 

Learn more about the what, how and why behind Accelerate via our website, and check out our 2022 scorecard to track progress.
May 4 | Late Winter & Spring Activity
1) Increasing demand and value through new clean fuel policies

  • Hosted meeting with Dakota Ethanol and other partners for more than 100 farmers regarding opportunities to participate in ACE’s historic Regional Conservation Partnership Program to compensate farmers for climate smart practices and validate the GHG benefits of those practices so plants can secure low carbon fuel pathways. Learn more about this effort at
  • Joined industry groups in cosigning letter to CARB to promoting the importance of carbon credits for climate-smart farming practices in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program. 
  • Illustrated why EPA must update the methodology it uses to account for the lifecycle GHG emissions of ethanol and other biofuels to properly credit their GHG benefits to meet climate goals.
2) Protecting and supporting existing policy-driven markets

  • Testified on EPA’s proposed RFS rulemaking for 2020-2022 compliance years, encouraging the Agency to revise the RFS proposal to support the statute and decarbonization goals.
  • Submitted comments to EPA’s RFS RVO proposal on how the Agency can improve the final rule in a way that makes important near-term GHG reductions and expressed support for EPA’s plan to restore the 500 million gallons unlawfully waived in 2016.
  • Provided EPA feedback in support of its proposal to deny petitions for small refinery exemptions.
  • Thanked Senate and House members for urging EPA to protect and strengthen the RFS.
  • Commended Senators on EPW Committee for defending the RFS.
  • Corrected misrepresentations of Lark et al. study on the environmental outcomes of the RFS.
  • Called on President Biden to utilize ethanol, specifically E15, as part of the solution to address fuel price, energy security and climate challenges.
  • Endorsed House and Senate member action in introducing the Home Front Energy Independence Act that recognizes the role E15 can play in addressing record high gas prices and other challenges.
  • Rallied over 100 industry advocates to call on their members of Congress to support E15 legislation. 
  • Joined biofuel and ag leaders in responding to EPA’s decision to reverse 31 refinery exemptions.
  • Saluted announcement by President Biden to direct EPA to issue emergency waiver allowing E15 to be sold year-round for the 2022 summer driving season and thanked EPA for delivering on this executive action.
  • Thanked the bipartisan group of Midwest governors for their leadership to ensure E15 can be sold year-round in their states.
3) Developing Domestic and international markets

  • Made strategic staff changes in hiring Ashley Borchert as ACE’s communications manager and shifting Ron Lamberty’s role to Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Updated website and changed messaging in advertising to show E15 and E85 as preferred low-carbon fueling options, targeting retailers’ uncertainty and concern about having to invest in electric charging infrastructure or otherwise adapt to a low-carbon fuel future.
  • Had extensive discussions with Jeff Carpenter who will be USDA’s point person for the next round of the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) equipment grants later this year. Carpenter helped ACE with Nebraska retailers and then with Pearson Fuels in California on previous BIP and HBIIP program applications. At Carpenter’s request, ACE sent a list of suggestions on how the program could attract more applications from single store and small chain marketers. 
  • Sponsored and attended the Ethanol Plant Managers Meeting for the first time. 
  • Attended US Grains Council’s International Marketing Conference and Annual Membership Meeting in Greenville, SC, and Lamberty was named to the Council’s Ethanol A-Team.
  • Continued marketer outreach at the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) annual conference and trade show, which was the first marketer trade show of many on ACE’s Market Development schedule for 2022. WPMA includes marketers from eight western states and is attended by retailers from all over the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Gathered similar HBIIP information from other marketers at WPMA and from retailers ACE has helped with USDA grants in the past and shared that information with USDA.
  • Readied to notify fuel retailers about the next round of biofuels infrastructure funding under HBIIP.