2021 - 2022 ACE Indoor Programs
at Toronto Tennis City and Cedar Springs Club
Registration is now OPEN for the Skills Development Programs!
Registration OPENS August 6th for the Competitive Programs!

How great it has been to be playing tennis again! To see so many youngsters and adults thoroughly enjoying themselves in the sun and the heat at Toronto Tennis City, and our various partner Community Clubs in the GTA and the Southwest Region. 

I am truly proud of our team and how they have stepped up and delivered everything we have asked of them!
These coaches and their assistants are experienced, passionate, and extremely hard-working, and they are committed to guiding players whether it is young beginners [they start at 4] in our Learn to Play or more advanced players in Learn to Compete programs. Our High Performance coaches spend infinite hours on and off the court dedicated to junior athletes who are willing to put in enormous effort and give everything to a sport they have learned to love.

Our facilities now include Howard Park Tennis Club, Mimico Tennis Club in Etobicoke, Bridlewood Tennis Club in Scarborough, Burlington Tennis Club, Milton Tennis Club - and last but not least the recently started All Canadian Tennis Centre at HSC on the beautiful mountain in Hamilton.

Recent tennis performances on the world stage helps a nation like Canada believe that we can compete with the best, and stokes the fire in many young players. Tennis is at centre stage and we are proud to be part of that story. If you are interested in participating try and register ASAP as camps are filling up/have filled up extremely fast across the board.

Tournaments are also BACK, with juniors and adults thrilled to be engaged in healthy competition once again. Stay tuned to the OTA and our website (www.acetennis.ca) for information on the tournaments we are hosting at our various partner community Clubs.

Our August edition of ONcourt has been very well received as it was loaded with informational and interesting articles from experts and features on tennis-related topics. The July edition will be released soon.

And finally, the outline for all our 2021-2022 programs for the new season/academy year at Cedar Springs Club in Burlington and Toronto Tennis City is finalized and registration for the Skills Development programs are now open.

Doug Burke


Brandon Alguire -
U12 Provincial Camp at Milton Tennis Club
Nathan Wong and Jay Barlow - U16 Provincial Camp at MTC
Walker Lamarche - Camp Director All Canadian Tennis Centre in Hamilton
Doug Burke,
ACE President
Mike Hall-
U18 National Team -
Burlington Tennis Club
Kirill Kudyma, Head Professional at the BTC
Marc Pepin at Bridlewood Tennis Club
Adam Dykes Head Professional at Bridlewood Tennis Club
Alice Ovcharova is assistant coach at ACTC
Bodo Elakkad at All Canadian Tennis Centre
Mario Albu at
Mimico Tennis Club
Stan Szcepanski Head Professional at Howard Park Tennis Club
Kids at Bridlewood Tennis Club is lucky to have a Champion coaches!
Certificates in the Greenwin Cares FREE program were given out
Fresh air, fresh grass, players love the outdoors!
Summer Camps on clay at Toronto Tennis City
Concentrating on the serve
ACE offers bus transportation to
ACTC in Hamilton
High Performance at The Burlington Tennis Club
Fun games on court...
...and off the court - players need extra curricular activities
Preparation, ready set!
Hydrate, hydrate hydrate!
A well deserved rest in the shade
Hitting the ball at the right height and out in front!
Week 3 - Singles Champ of the Camp Claire Yang
Milton Tennis Club 
U16 Provincial Camp at Milton Tennis Club
Head Coach Mike Hall with Bosko Boskovic and Bianca Ceroni - International Team Camp.
Hot weather can quickly sap away your regular performance levels – your legs start feeling heavier and each one of your shots is hit with less power. This kind of fatigue hits tennis pros and amateurs alike. It’s happened on a world stage — like at the 2014 Australian Open where temps rose above 104 degrees Fahrenheit and disrupted the tournament schedule — and on outdoor tennis courts in warmer climates.
So how can you safely get through the heat and keep winning points?

Members playing in the heat at the All Canadian Tennis Centre at Strathallan College in Hamilton below.
All Canadian Sports Management continues to provide opportunities for all ages and levels to compete in the South-West region (Burlington, Milton and Hamilton).
We will host a range of tournaments from U9 Rookie to National Selection and $OPEN Events.

During the next two weeks ACSM hosts the U12 - U18 Junior Transition Tour, 3.0,4.0 and 5.0 Adult Events and the $City of Hamilton Open.

On the long weekend ACSM will host National Selection Qualification U12-U18 at the Cedar Springs Club in Burlington as well as Super Series U10-U18 at Burlington Tennis Club, Milton Tennis Club and at the All Canadian Tennis Centre in Hamilton.
Week at Wilson – Interview with Pierre Lamarche



Congrats to our ACE coaches Anna Momot and Kirill Kudyma - ACE Burlington coaches, on their growing family!!