ACEC California Membership,

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to have a dramatic effect on our society and economy. The health of ACEC California’s employees and members are at the forefront of our policies and guidelines, and as such, we have announced the cancellation of several of our events and have implemented augmented schedules to ensure the safety of our staff.

While circumstances and directives have been changing rapidly around the state, ACEC California has been focused on disseminating important information to members as quickly as possible. ACEC California has also acted with urgency to address the concerns of our member firms and have continued industry advocacy efforts in light of these trying times by remaining vocal that there be no call to halt work on essential infrastructure.

ACEC California has been in contact with Governor Newsom and key industry partners to promote the continued safe operations of essential infrastructure projects, as they are critical to the economy to keep people working, maintain contractual obligations and schedules, and jumpstart recovery efforts in the wake of this crisis, including any future efforts to expand hospital capacity. A letter to Governor Newsom is attached for your reference.

The design industry is a vital part of California in everyday life and during times of disaster. We believe it is particularly essential to continue our advocacy for the industry right now and ensure infrastructure projects continue. At both the state level and nationally, ACEC is hard at work to ensure our industry continues moving forward.

We encourage you to visit our News and Updates page at , as well as ACEC’s Coronavirus Resource Center at , for updated information concerning the impacts of COVID-19 on the industry, and information regarding our continued advocacy efforts. To that end, here is the just released new guidance from the Department of Labor on the paid leave requirements in HR 6201. Also, earlier today, the IRS released a set of FAQs related to the delay in 2019 tax payments and tax filing deadline of July 15, 2020. Both of these documents will also be posted on ACEC’s Coronavirus Resource Center webpage.