June 29, 2020
In This Update:

  • Oklahoma Business Relief Program Begins Today

  • INVEST in America Act Goes to House Floor This Week

  • ACEC Life/Health Trust Loyalty Credit

Oklahoma Business Relief Program Begins Today

Gov. Kevin Stitt has authorized $100 million in Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds for small business assistance in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Business Relief Program.

The program will operate much like the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) but with the following differences: 

  • A company will have to prove they had a 25 percent reduction in revenue due to COVID-19. 
  • Maximum grant awarded will be $25,000. The grant amount is the total of two months average payroll or $25,000, whichever is less.
  • It is a grant program, not a business loan. 
  • 501(c)(6) entities are eligible. 


  • No mandates for the grant expenses, but funds must be used for business expenses. Suggested usage includes payroll, inventory, equipment and working capital. 
  • Final determination of eligibility will be made by Department of Commerce.
  • Funds will be administered by local lenders.

Important Dates:

  •  June 29 - Applications open. Apply through a participating lender.
  •  July 10 - Application deadline.  
  •  July 17 - Anticipated date funds will be distributed.

CLICK HERE for more information. 
ACEC Life/Health Trust Loyalty Credit
The ACEC Life/Health Trust (Trust) is crediting back over $10 million nationwide to firms in a Trust medical plan. To support member firms during these tough times, the Trust is giving back a percentage of each firm’s premium – automatically credited to their August 2020 invoice.

Also, any firm that joins on or before August 1st, will receive 20% off their first month's medical premium as part of the ACEC Life/Health Trust Loyalty Credit.
For 55 years, it has been their mission to support the physical and financial health of member firms. As firms focus on business objectives throughout the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, the Trust is grateful to be able to partner with firms in any way they can. To learn more, go to .
INVEST in America Act
 Goes to House Floor This Week
As reported last week, the House T&I Committee voted to approve the  INVEST In America Act ( H.R. 2) and sent it to the full House where action is expected this week.

While the bill provide major fund increased for highway, bridges, airports, transit, water, rural broadband, schools, and more, there may be one major problem directly impacting consulting engineers.

Congressman Garamendi (D-CA), has offered an amendment to mandate that only public employees perform construction inspection services. If included in the final legislation, this would shut consulting engineering completely out of the construction inspection business on federally funding projects.

Before the bill can go to the full House, it must first clear the House Rules Committee. That Committee will decided which proposed amendments will and will not be allowed on the House floor.

The bill was drafted by the Democratic leadership on the House T&I Committee, without input and agreement by the Republican minority. That means that the only real chance to derail the amendment in the Rules Committee is to convince Democratic members of the House Rules Committee not to accept the amendment. ACEC is working feverishly to convince those Members to reject the amendment.

Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole is the Ranking Member of the Rules Committee. ACEC OKLAHOMA is in contact with Congressman Cole's staff urging the Congressman to object to the amendment when it's brought up for consideration.

We'll keep you updated!
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