ADVOCACY ISSUE - Advocating Hard on Your Behalf!
ACEC-SK Advisor
October 5, 2020

Feature Election Articles
Your Provincial Election Voice
Ensuring the voice of the Saskatchewan consulting engineering industry is heard in the 2020 provincial election.

Your Voice Counts
Send a letter to your local candidates in less than a minute.

ACEC-SK Talks about Future Infrastructure Investment
Transportation Sector Updates
MHI Information Session - Best Value Procurement Services
This session will include the proposed evaluation process, including a demo of how to enter data about those performing key roles in your organization.

Transportation Executive Committee Election
Results of TEC Election

Advocacy Issues
Community Benefits
This newly introduced selection criterion has generated a lot of buzz in the consulting engineering industry right now.

Prompt Payment
ACEC-SK has been actively engaged in conversations with government and other private sector industries about the upcoming Prompt Payment legislation’s impacts on this industry

Saskatchewan’s Major Capital Projects and Industry Sustainability
ACEC-SK has been advocating for specific long-term provincial capital spending information for a long of time.

SaskBuilds-Industry Procurement Collaboration Initiative
SaskBuilds has heard industry regarding incorporating industry input into public procurement processes!

Consulting Engineering Industry Talks Westside Irrigation Project
This project will be built in 3 Phases over 10-years at a projected cost of $4 Billion.

Consulting Engineering Industry Speaks about Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
Small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) are one of many sources of renewable energy. So why has the Saskatchewan renewal energy conversation turned to SMRs?

Updates to PST for Engineering Services
In September 2020, the provincial government published updates to the PST for engineering services.

Recommended Schedule of Fees
ACEC-SK 2021 Recommended Schedule of Fees
We know that firms are currently looking at salary reviews right now, so it is important that we capture your viewpoints as we finalize the 2021 Fee Guideline.