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February 2015
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Did You Know? ACEweb Instructor Access - Super Instructor
Deactivate Student Records
New ACEweb Feature: Pay Invoices Online!
Conference Updates
New Employee: Sunil Chhabada
Did You Know? ACEweb Instructor Access - Super Instructor

Give someone 'Super Instructor' access and they can view course information and rosters for all courses without a need to be assigned as the course instructor. This can be useful for staff such as Coordinators who want to monitor courses they are coordinating. 


To set up a Super Instructor, create a faculty record for the person then give them the appropriate ACEweb Access Level:

  • 6 - Super Instructor - View Rosters for all Instructors
  • 7 - Super Instructor - View Rosters, Edit Hours for all Instructors
  • 8 - Super Instructor - View Rosters, Edit Hours, Grade for all Instructors
  • 9 - Super Instructor - View Rosters, Edit Hours, Grade, Credits for all Instructors

When super instructors log in, they search for the courses they want to view:

They can search for courses by title, code, department, coordinator, begin date, and category. 


Super Instructor Notes

You can give regular instructors Super Instructor access, too.  However, when they log in they will not get the list of courses they are teaching. They will need to search for courses they want to view. 


The, "show selected courses for all instructors," checkbox is an important option for Super Instructors, and it is automatically checked when logging in.  If they uncheck the box, the search will only return courses they are teaching.


Next Month...

We'll discuss setting up custom rosters for specific courses.


Contributed by Cheryl Scott

Deactivate Student Records

binoculars-sm.jpg Some of you have noticed that in .015, the Lookup Name button in the Quick Launch was relabeled to Lookup Active Name. But what determines an active name versus an inactive name?


At the bottom of the names screen is an Active checkbox. By default, it is checked. You just need to uncheck the students you want to deactivate. But what if you wanted to mass deactivate students?


We have a fix for that, too!  You'll find a new tool under Module -> Names -> Deactivate Names. This tool deactivates anyone who has a last activity date older than whatever you specify.


The advantage of this is that it should speed up the name find routine. In my opinion, there is also the benefit of better organization, since this is similar to archiving old names.


You can still find all names from Module -> Names -> Lookup Name. Also, when SM does its duplicate name check, it does look at all names and not just active names. So this feature is not like archiving where it is concerned with the duplicate name check and other features in the system.


As always, if you need any help with this, contact your technician. Have fun working with a slimmer names table!


Contributed by Matthew J. Olson

New ACEweb Feature:  Pay Invoices Online!

You asked, and we listened. Beginning with ACEweb 3.5.011, students can pay their invoices online!  This makes it even more convenient to offer payment plans to students for your big-ticket course offerings.


Setting up this feature is as easy as adding a few new files, editing your Registration History template, and making sure that you've assigned invoice numbers to billing records. Once everything is in place, you can start directing your students to ACEweb so that they can start paying those bills!


So how does the actual payment process work? Glad you asked.  


After logging into ACEweb, students should view their registration history, and click on the Pay Invoices button:




From there, they can select which invoices they wish to pay and click the Pay Now button, which takes them through the rest of the payment process:


Once the transaction is processed, they're finished! 


For more information about this new feature, contact your tech or read all about it in our Online Help Guide.


Contributed by Lindsey Lieberman

Conference Updates

Our 2015 Users' Conference is full of best practice sessions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities! The schedule is posted and we're excited to see our customers in Myrtle Beach.


Start by attending a preconference workshop on Tuesday, April 21. Whether new to ACEware or a more experienced software user, there's a full day workshop for you! The main event begins on Wednesday, April 22 where you will:

  • Learn about the newest features in Student Manager and ACEweb since last year's conference. 
  • Discover what ACEware customers are doing in their CE units and how Student Manager/ACEweb support their efforts.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops - there's a dozen for you to select from. 
  • Exchange ideas during networking breaks, receptions, and dine-arounds.  Meet and talk with other software users, discuss what you've learned in sessions, share your programming challenges. and learn from each other's experiences
  • Interact with ACEware staff.  You'll have the opportunity to sign up for personal consultations with an ACEware technician.
  • Look ahead into the future of CE.  There's a continued demand for non-degree programs.  Hear what's on the horizon and imagine what you can do from your unit.

You'll return home rejuvenated and full of ideas you can immediately implement into your use of Student Manager and ACEweb.


Register now! Remember, if you have a current support agreement, you have scholarship funds available. Contact for your amount. She'll apply your scholarship funds to your invoice. 
New Employee: Sunil Chhabada
ACEware NxT has gained another experienced programmer. Sunil Chhabada has contracted with us to put finishing touches on the program and support building new features.  He is enthusiastic about working on the project.

For those of you who would like to know more about ACEware NxT, we recently did a webinar on it. Click here to see the recording.

Contributed by Matthew J. Olson
Thank you from all of us at ACEware Systems!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Bill, Cheryl, Chris, Emily, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein, Sunil

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