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October 2016 | Issue #48

Current Releases: SM 8.0.043 (8/22) | AW 3.5.035 (9/19)
Webinars: Functional Function Keys   (10/12 10:30 CDT)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Matthew Holds Book Signing
ACEware has an interesting team with diversity in interests and talents. We have those who are musically inclined and others who dabble in the spirits (beer brewing and wine making, let's make that clear). MacGyver type skills belong to a few and we have gardeners, golfers, outdoor enthusiasts, pet lovers (canines, felines, and reptiles, oh my!), sports fans (including quidditch), avid readers, and the list goes on! Every now and then we have the opportunity to celebrate with a team member who takes their talent to new heights.

In September, Matthew had a book reading and signing to celebrate the publishing of Alien Fear. He shared his inspiration for the book (a repeating nightmare), talked about his writing journey, and read a passage from the book.

Congratulations, Matthew!

If you'd like a copy of Alien Fear (or any of his short story collections), you can find it on Amazon

Contributed by  Sharon Brookshire
Phone Number Labels
Is it a 'home' phone or an 'evening' phone number? Is it a 'day' phone or is it a 'work' phone number? Does the field label really matter? Apparently a lot since the human brain is wired to make certain associations easier. Labeling something inaccurately makes your brain stutter, and that can slow you down.

Student Manager 8.0.044 (due out this week) will help you in labeling the phone number fields. Now the name screen and the search screen will show whatever label makes sense to you. You just need to go to the names tab of your preferences to start setting these up.

One side effect of this is that you can use one of the phone number fields for whatever you want. Maybe you don't collect a pager (who has a pager nowadays anyway?) and you want to collect an emergency phone number. Relabel that field and start collecting that data today!

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Public Training Offered in November
Making Data-Driven Decisions was a huge success in Georgia this summer. With so many requests to repeat the training in other regions, we have scheduled another session in Baltimore on November 16. Johns Hopkins University will host this six hour, hands-on workshop. The training is offered the day before the LERN conference. We'll conclude the session in time to attend the opening reception.

During the day Chuck will cover:

  • The Key Elements in Retrieving Quality Data
  • Planning Your Reporting Strategy (capturing critical data elements and quality control for data entry)
  • Reporting Systems
  • Marketing Reports and Tools
  • Reviewing Data for Decision Making
  • Tips for Success  

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
2017 Conference Hotel Visit
After hours of being bombarded with cool tips, tricks, and new features at ACEware's 2017 Users' Conference, wouldn't it be nice to relax at the spa, enjoy a posh room, or maybe sit by the pool? We had this in mind when we booked the conference at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. I stayed a night at the hotel when traveling recently and was impressed.

The hotel is about fifteen to twenty minutes away from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. You can get a cab, an Uberx, or a Super Shuttle. Whatever you arrange, your transportation will pull up to a vintage, 50's style hotel that has a ton of amenities. The rat pack, Marilyn Monroe, and a host of other celebrities have stayed here.

The hotel has a bar inside or poolside depending on your pleasure. You can even raid the minibar in your room if you would rather. The restaurant in the hotel has a renowned chef at the helm. Each room has either a patio or a deck for you to relax. Oh, and did I mention the spa?

Near the hotel you'll find a bunch of restaurants. There are also a ton of art galleries with high dollar paintings. During my visit, I saw Norman Rockwell's and other paintings that I would love to have decorating my house if I could ever afford it. I am even told that Thursday nights there is an art walk with live entertainment in the streets and the galleries serve wine and cheese to get you interested in the art they are selling. There is also an escape room if you are interested in live action, puzzle entertainment. Near the far end of the art district is an art museum and there is a museum celebrating the western spirit in the middle of the district. At the end of the art district is their old town district with several old style buildings and saloons.

With so much to do and see around and within the hotel, we are going to have a good time at the conference. Plan on joining us June 20th through the 23rd! We've even negotiated a great rate of $112 a night.

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Development Question: What Online Content Provider Do You Use?
We are always in search of ways to make your statistical reporting easier and are big fans of providing you with accurate head counts and course information from a central location. We currently offer integration tools with Ed2Go, ProTrain, JER, and D2L. Who do you partner with? Are the partnerships profitable? We'd like to hear more! Please share your experience by completing this very short survey.
If you want more information on our Ed2Go or ProTrain integrations, visit our webinar archives or contact your tech.
Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Report of the Month:  Stamp Grouping Code
When it comes to data entry, Student Manager has several report functions to save you time. This month's report features two powerful functions that, when used together, make it easy to mass-add grouping codes to a given set of courses:  GETDATA and STAMPGRP . The first function prompts you to enter data, and then the second one stamps that data onto the course record. Here's how it works:
  1. In Student Manager, navigate to Reports >> Courses >> Course Details (w/fees).
  2. Select Additional Reports, and click OK.
  3. Next, choose your query. I'm going to stamp a grouping code in all Fall courses, so I'm going to choose, "Course Number begins..."as my query and enter the prefix for fall courses.
  4. After the query runs, select the report titled, "Stamp Grouping Code."
  5. Then the GETDATA function kicks in.  Enter the grouping code that you wish to assign to all courses returned by your query.
    Note: The grouping code MUST already exist in the codes area before you assign it!
  6. Now you can preview the report. It will give you the code being added at the top, along with all courses and their currently assigned grouping codes (see example below).
  7. After closing the report, you'll be asked if you want to assign your grouping code to all courses that were reported. If everything looked good in the preview, select Yes. If not, then select No and start over.
  8. If you selected Yes, then you will receive a confirmation that your grouping code was added.

That's it!  Your grouping code has now been assigned to your courses!

You can see an example of this report:

Adding the Report to your System
*Download the report files from our website:
*You will need the current Customer password to download the zip file. If you don't have that password, please contact your ACEware technician.

Contributed by Lindsey Lieberman

Here's to your continued success! 

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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