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Information to Run Your Program
January 2014
Conference survey: Help us Help you 
One of the reasons ACEware Systems attends conferences is to be available to our existing customers.

At conferences you can get answers to your questions, see the latest versions of your particular software, and make suggestions directly to Chuck or Greg.

We would like to know which conferences you (or staff in your program) attend. We want to try and attend conferences that you, our customers, are attending.

Please take a couple minutes to complete this quick survey on conference choices. You will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate from either Starbucks, Amazon, or iTunes.

The drawing will be held at the end of February.  

Thanks for your help!


Thoughts on Bitcoins

Some thoughts on bitcoins from William, one of our software programmers...


Starting from the beginning, once all humans were hunter-gathers. Each individual was on his/her own. Females took care of their offspring; males just tried to make it with the females. Over time, some of the more intelligent males and females noticed that they could do better if they worked together more or less permanently. 


Over more time, it came to be understood that larger groups that included old males and females, particularly females, crones, made life better for the group as a whole. Over time, this became a clan where wisdom, skills and traditions were past through generations.



Matthew's Corner: Speed Registration Entry with the Name Import Wizard
Do you ever get an Excel Spreadsheet with a list of names that you need to register into a particular class? Are you tired of entering these names by hand?
In 7.2.A.014 we introduced the Name Import Wizard (under Tools -> Import/Export) and added it to the existing Speed Registration Entry (under Module -> Registrations) feature. So now taking your Excel Spreadsheet of students and adding them to a class is a snap!

To do it:













  1. Either pull up Speed Registration Entry under the menu or hit Alt+Z on your keyboard.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click the Import Wizard button in the bottom right.
  4. Select your Excel Spreedsheet.
  5. Map your Manager Fields to the Excel columns (by using the snazzy picker you see to the right). No worries if you have already put the field names in the Spreadsheet as the picker will recognize the names and default the selection for you.
  6. Answer the remaining questions the Name Import Wizard asks (like assigning a source code).

If your Spreadsheet has an ID column* then Student Manager will check for duplicate names. It will not read the student if the ID is found, but it will still register that person in the class!


*NOTE: The ID column can have empty and non-empty values as any student without an ID will get one assigned upon import.


Until next time,

Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems


ACEware Staff Retreat a Success
Two days of meeting and brainstorming takes a lot out of you.  But, it was worth it.

We solved problems and came up with new ideas that only focused time together can solve.

As a customer, you will see the fruits of this labor over the course of the coming year.  Here's a sneak-peek of some of what is coming up:

  • Version 8.0 of Student Manager.  Bunch of great new features!
  • Changes to reports to make it easier for new staff.
  • New service products to help with Student Manager and making your program more successful.
  • Renewed focus on you, the customer.  How can we help you make your program successful?

Watch our various communication channels in the coming months for news and information on these and other new ideas! 

Felix for $10
Felix The Cat was the correct answer to Decembers question: 

"What was the first balloon float to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?"

Lots of guesses and right answers this month.  The winner is Luz Dominguez of the University of Utah.

For those of you who suggested that Chuck would make a great parade balloon... your idea will be taken under advisement.  

(Editors Note - A giant floating Chuck scares me)

Next month's contest is a survey instead.  Please read the survey article for more information.
Did You Know?
5 Things You Can Do In The Forums
  1. Use the Knowledge Base with over 5,400 answers to questions.
  2. Get the latest information on updates
  3. Make suggestions on new features 
  4. email questions to techs
  5. Find and share custom reports with other programs

If you currently don't use forums, contact your tech.  They will set you up with a login and password plus give you a quick tour of how the forums can be used.

About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to run your program.

Users' Conference
Tick, Tick, Tick... Only a few  months left!

The Users Conference is April 7th-9th, 2014 in Manhattan Kansas.  

For more information and to register, visit our conference at:


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