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December 2016 | Issue #50

Current Releases: SM 8.0.045 (11/01) | AW 3.5.037 (11/14)
Webinar: Protecting Your Data in 2017  (12/14 1:30 CDT)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
ACEware Welcomes Pueblo Community College
Pueblo Community College was introduced to ACEware's software solution at the 2015 National Council for Continuing Education & Training (NCCET) conference held in Portland, Oregon. Today, just a year later, we are excited to welcome them to the Student Manager/ACEweb user family!

"The system capabilities and the long-term affordability of the product were decision influencers," shared Amanda Corum, Pueblo Community College's Director of Pueblo Corporate College. "Offering online registration and payment was our top priority. However, we also really liked the system's customizability and wide array of features."

The dozen Student Manager team members are ready to implement the software and are confident that ACEware's Student Manager/ACEweb package will take their program to the next level - providing greater access to the Pueblo community to participate in the great programs offered.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Quick Pick Module
Those of you who attended the 2016 ACEware Users' Conference had a chance to hear an excellent Customer Showcase presentation from Adam Apperson of Boise State. Adam demonstrated the custom page that ACEware developed to handle their online OLLI registrations. The session was generally well-received, and a number of those present expressed interest in using something similar for their own programs.

In response to that positive feedback, ACEware's management directed the software development department to engineer a product with similar functionality that could serve the needs of a wider range of customers. (Okay, Chuck told Stein to get on the project...) The end result is the new Quick Pick Registration Module.

At the heart of the module is a single, one-stop form that allows a user to log on, sign up for memberships, select multiple courses or events from different categories, and even make a donation - and then submit everything with a single click. After reviewing the results, another click takes the user to the payment site to complete the checkout process. Alternately, a user can return to the QP form if they wish to revise their order.

Although the original page was developed for a customer to run a membership-based OLLI program, the Quick Pick module has some built-in flexibility and may be useful in other situations. It can be configured to present courses to the general public; memberships are not required. Support has been added for multiple fee selections, so you can have different membership levels, or offer member vs. non-member prices. It will handle waitlisting for courses that are filled, and an optional donation field can be added to accept user contributions. It can be configured to display a popup window with detailed info when the user hovers over a course title.

Quick Pick allows for a number of customization options, both for the page's look and feel (by editing the HTML template) and the underlying behavior (by entering parameters based on course grouping codes). There are a few restrictions-the QP page currently does not support optional fees, proxy registrations, BOGO, Course Packaging or Workshops.

For more information, or to take a test drive for the QP module, contact

Contributed by Stein Goering

(Editor's Note:You can see the power of conference here. Not only was this awesome tool shown, but attendees put a bug in Chuck's ear to make this available for everyone. Now you know why you shouldn't miss conference in 2017!)
2016 Features in Review
The year is nearly over and a lot of exciting things are being planned for 2017 like a great conference in Scottsdale and a host of new features. In looking forward, it is sometimes fun to look back.

In 2016, the Annual Users' Conference was held in Manhattan, KS where we celebrated the 20th Users' Conference by unleashing 20 new features in Student Manager. For the year, we introduced over 63 new features in 12 releases. Many screens received a facelift while others were completely redone to give the application a more modern look. There were also numerous tweaks to speed in the system both for those that stayed with the classic database and those that switched to SQL Server. Speaking of SQL Server, we've had 10 customers switch to SQL Server in 2016 with more planned soon.

Some of my favorite features were coupon use limits, generating transcript PDFs for individual students, the new course packaging reporting area, archive, and course-by- course labels for registration UDFs. Email me your list of favorites. (If you want to see the list of releases and the notes on the new features, check out the forum.)

In December, we are planning to release another build of Student Manager with another big feature. I'm going to talk in detail about this new big feature next month, but I do want to mention it now. The room use area is in the middle of being redesigned to look cleaner and be more functional than ever before. Watch for my forum post for the release of this new version. 

With so many great things that happened in 2016 here at ACEware, it makes me think that 2017 is going to be even better!

Contributed by  Matthew Olson
2017 Users' Conference: Register Early for Best Value
You'll want to register soon to receive the best discount for ACEware's 21st Annual Users' Conference. The early bird discount will disappear January 31, 2017. Your early registration fee is further discounted when combined with ACEware scholarship funds.
Scholarship dollars for annual conference are a one of the many benefits of your Support and Maintenance Agreement. Don't let those funds go to waste. Call or write me if you need to know what your program has available.
If you want or need an even deeper discount, present!  Customer spotlight presentations are favorities at conference.
We've done all we can to make the  annual users' conference affordable for your team. Register early, use those scholarship funds, and share with your colleagues. You'll be so glad you did!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Report of the Month:  Table Tent
You can print out Table Tents for your next class or conference easily by going to reports -> registrations -> table tents. This will give you a foldable desk topper that can be customized to show information to the instructor or speaker such as name, firm, and more.
If you also want to show information to the person behind the tent, you can simply create an image of the text, and then flip it upside down, so it shows in the correct orientation.

Submitted by Jason Allen

Happy Holidays! See you in 2017.

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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