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June 2016 | Issue #44

Current Releases: SM 8.0.040 (5/31) | AW 3.5.031 (5/24)
Webinar:  2016 Conference Wrap-up (6/2 1:30 Central)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Longer Registration Note
Have you ever wished that you could write a longer note on the registration screen? Poof! Your wish just came true.

In Student Manager 8.0.039, the registration note is now 250 characters. This is about a 67% increase over what it was. What are you going to do with all this extra space?

Just remember, if there is information that is related to the student and not specific to the registration, that would be better to add to the comments field on the name screen. This field can hold three million characters in VFP and theoritically unlimited in SQL Server (server space would dictate the limitation in this case). With all of that space, notes not specific to the registration would be better to be housed here. Save the registration note field for the right times!

Contributed by  Matthew Olson
20 New Features at the 20th Annual Users' Conference
Conference is over, but the fun isn't. We debuted 20 new features at conference, but the .040 release of Student Manager has twenty-five new features. Here is list of things that were debuted at conference:

  • Archive is back and better than ever. You can archive courses and related information (registrations, payments, etc.) through Mass Update/Change/Delete.
  • New report area for Course Packaging that lets a user report ALL courses/registrations/payments for all child courses in a package. The query looks at parent courses, and then INCLUDES course info or reggies from all child courses.
  • Mass Update/Change/Delete where the option to Mass Enter Main Fee to include the Expiration Date, if you want to Mass Assign Memberships with their Expiration.
  • Add any type of optional fees to courses via the Mass Change/Update/Delete.
  • Allow Course by Course definition of REGUDFS.
  • Added a field in PAY for Account #.
  • HTML generator (on catalog) on the Detail field when adding/editing grouping codes.
  • Date Range on F9 Dashboard report.
  • On Import Wizard, added a FINAL step RIGHT before you run the import with a preview of the names and you have the option to "Continue" or "Cancel".
  • Ability to create a Name record from a faculty record (we can do the opposite now, i.e. create a faculty record from a name record).
  • Link between instructor and name.
  • Email faculty contracts separately from course quick reports.
  • Ability to attach other documents when emailing faculty contracts, from quick reports or faculty > contract agreements.
  • Add "Thumbnail" field to catalog, so a short description can be posted on ACEweb.
  • On Edit of Catalog Code Descriptions, if you edit a description and then abandon, it does NOT ask you to confirm the "abandon".
  • Add field to names that ACEweb can reference to determine if they can BILL a registration and how much they can do.
  • When editing the amount on new payments, it warns you if you entered an amount greater than what is owed on the group. i.e. if $300.00 is owed and they are paying a partial payment, but you accidentally enter something like $2000.00.
  • Add a checkbox to the membership wizard report screen to exclude cancelled membership registrations in the report.
  • On the course record, the Course Location information is now in the schedule area.
  • Emergency email routine will log to CRM.
Here is the list of additional items that made it into this release:
  • Now able to set a use limit on coupons (i.e. Sell a course subscription for 50 people to a company and provide a coupon code that can only be entered 50 times).
  • On Speed Registration, Select Name side and let the names lookup respect the Names Set Filter. i.e. You wanted to filter for ONE FIRM you could / would ONLY see names from that firm!
  • Add firm to the Registration Grouping search.
  • Membership. Bottom of the name screen in green if a current Member, saying MEMBER and if expired in red to say EXPIRED MEMBER.
  • Extend password in email settings to accept longer passwords (for people that auto-generate their passwords).

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Public Training Coming to Georgia August 5th
Making Data-Based Decisions  

If you are responsible for progress reports, program development and/or strategic planning; this six-hour workshop is for you. Your Student Manager package is loaded with valuable information and tools to help you make informed decisions for your Continuing Education/Workforce Training program. Join Chuck to discover the resources built into your system to support your program development, marketing, evaluation, and strategic planning. 

During the day you'll discuss critical data management procedures, identify statistical reports to guide your decision making, and look at best practices for target marketing. There will be ample time to discuss your questions and concerns with ACEware staff and your colleagues. You'll leave with ideas to put into practice immediately.

When? August 5, 9 am - 4 pm
Where? Chattahoochee Technical College
Audience: Deans, Directors, Program Managers and Coordinators
Registration Fees:
Single Registration: $350 per person
Group Rate (2 or more): $300 per person
Space is limited. Register here by July 15.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
20th Conference: A Big Hit in the Little Apple
2016 Conference Participants
"I am so excited to go back to work and implement the things I learned!" - 2016 conference attendee

What a fantastic comment! We had a great time at our 20th Annual Users' Conference last month. We enjoyed plenty of networking, learning about new features (see Matthew's long list in this issue), and special recognition of customers and ACEware staff.

Chuck was recognized for his genuine commitment to the Continuing Education industry in general and to ACEware customers specifically. Our team presented with a quilt made from T-shirts collected over the past 20 years. A special thanks to the customers who donated shirts to the cause!

Our 2016 ACEware Champion Educators were recognized, and in future newsletters, you'll meet and hear more from them. Long-time ACEware partners were acknowledged and new customers were welcomed to the family. 

You can see more photos on our Facebook page.  If you didn't get to join us, you can learn more in our conference  wrap-up webinar tomorrow, June 2, at 1:30 PM CT.
Contributed by Sharon Brookshire

To all you fathers we wish you a Happy Father's Day this month!
Here's to your continued success!

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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