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August 2013
Big Time in the Little Apple
If you haven't heard, this years conference will be April 7th-9th (pre-conf on the 6th) in Manhattan Kansas!

We are inviting you to ACEware's hometown to enjoy some Big Time learning, Big Time networking and some Big Time fun.

watch your email and the ACEware website for more information.
Conference - What to expect
I don't have all the details yet, but, I can tell you two things about the conference.  Hands-on learning and more networking.

Yep, we have been listening.  This conference is going to have many sessions with you working on your laptop and doing things in a hands-on fashion.  

There will also be more time for interacting and sharing problems and solutions with other people like yourself.

Have something you just have to see done at the conference? email and let him know what you are thinking.  
Constant Contact vs. Email Blast
I'm a big fan of Constant Contact.  ACEware uses it to send out its monthly newsletter (the one you are reading right now) to customers who have opted to receive it.  

Student Manager also has a great email tool as well that allows you to send emails to any contacts within your Student Manager database.  Basically, any query /report you can come up with, you can send an email blast to that address as well.

So is one tool better than the other?  For me, the answer is both tools have important niches in your communications with customers and potential customers.

Constant Contact allows you to have very complex and graphical emails that can be created with little trouble.  The ability for customers and potential customers to subscribe and unsubscribe without staff help is really helpful, especially for a newsletter.  That's Constant Contacts big strength... creating and managing your newsletters.

Student Manager's email blast power lies in being able to send quick emails to specific groups of names in your database.  (Very targeted marketing).  

Examples:  Just created a level II class...send a email blast to everyone in the level I class about the new class.  Instructor sick...send everyone in a specific class an email with makeup class information.  New Photoshop class... send everyone who has the interest code "photo" a quick email about registering for the new class.

If you haven't worked with the email blast feature in Student Manager, contact your tech and they can walk you through how to set it up and use it. 
Using the Zip Radius Tool
The zip radius tool was added in version 7.2.A.14 of Student Manager.

Zip radius allows you to narrow the addresses shown in a report to only those that are within a user definable number of miles from the center of a specific zip code.  

For example, if I specify the zip code 66502 and 5 miles, I would get a list of all customers within five miles of the center of this Manhattan Kansas zip code.

Combined with the mapping tool, I could then see a map of all these addresses.

The zip radius tool works within a justdoit and can be added to any report containing addresses.

For more information on this new tool, checkout this help file:

You can also contact your tech for more information.
No Quiz in August.  
Taking a break from the quiz in August.  Lot's of people on vacation getting some down-time before the big fall season.

We do want to congratulate Sally Aleman from UNC!  she was our July winner.
Did You Know?

Are you on the list yet?  All the best people are on the list.  I'm talking about the ACE-list.

The ACE-list is used to send quick notes to customers about upcoming webinars, new version updates and other quick messages.

Not on the list?  Contact your tech and they will help get you hooked up today!
About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to run your program.

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