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January 2015
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New Feature: SMS Alerts
Did You Know? ACEweb Instructor Access
Retreat 2015
Mike at Mt. Cuba Center
Annual Users' Conference
New Feature: SMS Alerts


Winter is upon us. We've already seen some pretty bad storms, and we still have two months until spring. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to send an SMS message to anyone registered in courses on a particular day and tell them about an emergency such as the school closing due to a bad snow storm? Ask no more--Student Manager now has the capability to send emergency SMS messages to students!


Text messaging isn't for emergencies only, of course--you can also send SMS course reminders through the Course Reminder area, AND you can send a one-off text to any student by double clicking the cell phone field on the student's name record. 


But wait, there's more!  You also have the option to send an SMS to a course to notify students of something important. We even have a function that can be added to a justafter to send an SMS to everyone in a particular report.


This does require you to be running the latest version of Student Manager which is 8.0.014. You also need some additional files and a subscription to Twilio ($1 a month and .0075 per message). Also, due to can spam regulation, your students must opt in to SMS messaging. There is a new field on the Name screen for this. Note: ACEweb users would also want to add this opt in field to your person.awp template. As always, check with your technician for more information or see our help guide.


Contributed by Matthew J. Olson

Did You Know? ACEweb Instructor Access

If you have ACEweb, you can allow instructors online access to:   

  • View/print/export Course and Workshop Rosters.
  • View/print/export Attendance Sheets. 
  • Email students.
  • Record total hours attended and final grades.
  • Record Session Attendance (requires the optional Attendance Tracking module).
  • Submit Course Proposals.

You're in Charge

You control which instructors have online access and which actions they can perform while online.  You also control what registrant information instructors can view on course/workshop rosters (e.g. only display name, phone, and email address).



See the Instructor Access section of the Online Help, or contact your ACEware technician. 


Next Month--  

We'll discuss Super Instructors.


Contributed by Cheryl Scott

Retreat 2015
Back Row (L to R): Stein Goering, Chris Harvey, Bill Rust, Matthew J. Olson, Chuck Havlicek, A.J. Giliberto, Mike Lowry, and Jason Allen
Front Row (L to R): Lauri Thompson, Emily Taylor, Sharon Brookshire, Cheryl Scott, and Lindsey Lieberman

Were your ears burning January 8th and 9th?  If so, it's because the ACEware team spent two days talking about you during our retreat. We love our customers, and we strive to make all of our decisions with that love in mind. Most of our discussion centered on the feedback that you've given us by phone, email, and surveys about the family of ACEware products and services. You'll be happy to know that, after discussing your feedback, we've set some priorities:


Our first priority as we start the new year is SM 8.0. This was a major upgrade, and the implementation was not as smooth as you (and ACEware) would have liked.  We aren't happy about that, and we are dedicated to getting things fixed once and for all.  A parallel project is ACEweb 4.0, which will open the door for you to upgrade your database to SQL Server. Stein and Cheryl are thoroughly testing this new ACEweb version, and it will be released when we are confident that it is ready.


New developments and integrations:

The wish list survey that you completed in December indicated your top three development preferences were:

  1. Providing a way to make transactional emails easier to use,
  2. Adding the ability to purchase gift certificates, and
  3. Providing the ability to send follow-up emails based on class end date (like the existing auto reminder email).

The top system integrations requested included:

  1. Banner,
  2. Ed2Go, and
  3. Canvas.  

These projects are in our development plan for 2015 and we are excited to get to work on them.   


Other retreat news:

The 2015 ACEware Champion Educators (ACEs) were selected! Who are they, you ask? We'll reveal them at the awards luncheon during our Annual Users' Conference in April. Join us there for the celebration!


Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Mike at Mt. Cuba Center


What a great looking group! Mike spent two days at Mt. Cuba Center, where he facilitated hands-on Student Manager/ACEweb training to the entire team. We applaud Mt. Cuba Centerfor their commitment to learning about the software as a team.


If you are interested in private training, email


Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Annual Users' Conference

There are just three months left before the conference--will we see you in Myrtle Beach? The schedule has been finalized and is now available online! At your request, we've included:

  • Tons of information on reports. Two full-day pre-conference sessions are available and informational sessions are included in the conference schedule.
  • Extended time for hands-on workshops.
  • More networking breaks.
  • Presentations from ACEware customers, so that you can learn all about what your colleagues are doing with ACEware.
  • More one-on-one time with ACEware technicians.
  • More time to connect--with ACEware staff and each other.
We look forward to seeing you there. Register now!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire 

Thank you from all of us at ACEware Systems!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Bill, Cheryl, Chris, Emily, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein

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