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Information to Run Your Program
February 2014
Cheryl's New Help Page
Cheryl has redesigned the home page for online help to feature a great "how do I" section.

The most commonly asked help questions are now organized into 4 sections (courses, names, registrations, payments) which should make finding answers easier.

This should be a real help to new users on your staff who are just getting up to speed.

Check out the new help page at


Emergency Email Feature
Creating Emergency Emails in Student Manager
Creating Emergency Emails in Student Manager

With all the wild weather its a good time to remind everyone about the Emergency Email Tool in Student Manager.

The Emergency Email Tool allows you to quickly send emails to students in all classes for a particular day and to all instructors.

This saves you the trouble and time of emailing each class individually.

The video above explains how to use the Emergency Email Tool.  Call your tech with any questions.
Is Your Smart Phone "Celling" You Out?

By Lauri Thompson...And could this be a good thing for CE?


Your smart phone knows a LOT about you. The GPS locator tracks your steps. Your phone knows what you've Googled. In some retail establishments it distinguishes exactly how long you spent in a specific location within the store. It gives you something to think about.


A firm in Canada has a device that picks up data from any smart phone, tracking the phone's movements as it passes other devices. In essence, the little gizmo is building a list of interest codes in your phone. Taking it one step further, the company then collates the information and shares it with subscribers so that you are able to gain a rough sense of your customer's other interests.


Here's the type of information you would receive. Let's say you hold a retirement planning class. Of the 42 people who attend 24 had recently eaten at the nearby Italian restaurant, 17 had been to the gym, and six to the local pet shop. That could be useful marketing information.


If you have a loyalty card at a grocery store, they are collecting this information about you without tapping into your smart phone. Your loyalty card records your purchases and extends offers based on your shopping habits. That's why the store offers you a coupon on toilet paper at the exact time that you need toilet paper. They know! But, this goes a little farther than the tracking done by the "loyalty" cards. This is the intersection of privacy, social media, and retail.


As a business person, most would agree that it would be handy to know what other interests customers shared. As a consumer it makes most people nervous.


By the way, if you want to stop dropping your digital dewdrops all over town? Turn off your phone's wifi. 

Conference survey: Still Time to Complete 
One of the reasons ACEware Systems attends conferences is to be available to our existing customers.

At conferences you can get answers to your questions, see the latest versions of your particular software, and make suggestions directly to Chuck or Greg.

We would like to know which conferences you (or staff in your program) attend. We want to try and attend conferences that you, our customers, are attending.

Please take a couple minutes to complete this quick survey on conference choices. You will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate from either Starbucks, Amazon, or iTunes.

The drawing will be held at the end of February.  

Thanks for your help!


About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to run your program.

Users' Conference
Better hurry!  Not much time left to register.

The Users Conference is April 7th-9th, 2014 in Manhattan Kansas.  

For more information and to register, visit our conference at:


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