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August 2014
ACE Award Winner Spotlight - Michele Reasinger

At our ACEware Annual Users' Conference this April, we awarded four customers with the new ACEware Champion Educator (ACE) Award for their innovative and extensive use of Student Manager at their institution.

This month, we highlight award recipient Michele Reasinger, Systems Administrator at George Mason UniversityACEware applauds Michele for her leadership as Keeper of the Flame for Student Manager at George Mason.  As an Ellucian Banner campus, Michele worked closely with Chuck to develop a way for student information to be shared between Student Manager and Banner.  This allowed  George Mason to take advantage of the strengths and special non credit support features of Student Manager, while automatically sharing non credit student data with their Campus ERP (Ellucian Banner). Kudos to Michele and George Mason University!

Michele said that s
he was a little surprised to get this award, but she thought it was nice to be recognized. Her family is proud of her achievement and thought she was deserving. Her Executive Director, Janet Niblock, said: 
"We are very excited that Michele is receiving this award. Aceware is a very important tool to all of us here at George Mason. All of you have been so supportive of us whenever we have needed you. But here at George Mason, Michele has been our 'glue'... she is the person we turn to make all happen with Aceware."

The Office of Continuing Professional Education at George Mason University ran 566 course in fiscal year 14. From those courses, they had 6,049 registrations.
We asked Michele for her advice to Student Manager users:
"Use the forums. If you need it chances are that someone else needs it too and maybe they have already figured out how to get it."

Advice from Michele for people considering the use of Student Manager:

"Student Manager is one of the better continuing education systems that I have used. If it doesn't do something that you need the folks at ACEware are always willing to listen to your ideas and integrate as much as possible into the system."

She went on to advise:
The Tech Support is absolutely hands down the best that I have ever interacted with. I have a great relationship with my Tech but I feel like I could call any of the Techs and get the same level of support.

Michele's Tech is Cheryl and she had this to say:
"[Michele] really works to understand all aspects of Student Manager and ACEweb."
Cheryl also used the word "awesome" in describing Michele.

Michele's additional comments for us were:

"We really appreciate the 'wish list' and willingness to adapt that ACEware provides. It's nice to have an ally to help us work smarter and not harder."

MATTHEW'S CORNER (of the cabin) - Favorite Reports

A feature that has been a long time coming is this idea of having a list of user defined favorite reports. Student Manager 8 finally has it!


You can get to it three ways:  (1) By clicking the Favorite Reports button on your Quick Launch screen, (2) Going to Reports in the menu and clicking on Favorite Reports, or (3) By hitting Ctrl+F1 on your keyboard. You should see something like this (minus the first report being defined):


I've programmed this so that users can select the report to run in a series of dropdowns. Not all reports can be selected, as they have special considerations (Cashbox, for example). Also with selecting a report, a query must be chosen. Thus, we are marrying a report with a query.


When a report is run by clicking the Run Report button, the print options still come up so that you can choose settings like including canceled and billing only records. Otherwise, the other screens are bypassed. If the query selected prompts for data, that still comes up. Also, as long as you have the options to preview the report and show the windows print dialog, those still come up.


As you can see, this is meant to simplify some of the reports that you run often. Hopefully this simplification saves you some time!


Until next time,

Matthew J. Olson

ACEware Systems

Email Icon for Presenters

If you've received an email from Matthew in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a unique icon at the bottom of his message. Matthew is a presenter at the Southwest Fox 2014 conference in October, and meeting organizers sent him this icon to add to his email signature.


Since we are staunch supporters of free marketing ideas, several of us at ACEware were intrigued. Who better to spread the word about an upcoming event than the very folks who will be the heart and soul of the meeting?


Conference presenters are generally subject matter experts with extrovert and leadership tendencies. The icon highlights the conference and the speakers, offers networking opportunities, and opens discussion among potential attendees. This fits right in with a ton of suggestions from experts who encourage you to make contact, via Twitter hashtags, with other attendees several days before the meeting. Bonus! It's as close to precision as target marketing can get since presenters are likely to be in frequent communication with other like-minded professionals.


And yet, we hadn't heard of anyone else doing anything similar.


Matthew, however, wasn't totally sold. He felt the icon bordered on bragging. We're proud of Matthew and delighted that he will be presenting - we nipped that idea and encouraged him to leave the icon in his email signature.


What do you think?


If you are hosting a conference, would you consider asking presenters to tag their email signatures with a similar icon? If you were presenting at the ACEware conference in 2015 would you be willing to add a image to your email? Would you take the icon one step further and make it a clickable link?


Take a moment and share your thoughts on presenter icons by sending us an email to We'll check the signature line for similar graphics and links and post your comments (anonymously of course) in our September newsletter.



2015 Conference Announced
19th Annual Conference

Mark your calendar now for the 2015 Annual Users' Conference to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC April 21-24.


We are holding space in our program for colleague-to-colleague presentations.  Be thinking about what you can share with fellow users. Selected presenters receive a discounted registration and, perhaps, their very own Email icon (TBD based on your responses!) Visit for details on how to submit a proposal.


Training News

Jason Allen, ACEware technical consultant, provided three days of private training for his customers at National Park Community College. He received an A+ rating and the Workforce Development team-in-training appreciated having him at their facility and training with their data. You too can have a training session, customized to your needs, at home! Contact


ANNOUNCING: Advanced Report Writing - Public Training

When: Oct. 13-14, 2014

Where: Tennessee State Community College, Nashville TN  

Trainer: Lindsey Lieberman

Topics Covered: Advanced concepts of report writer techniques including justdoits, data grouping, and advanced report functions.


If you are ready to move to the highest skills in report writing, these two days are for you!


Registration fees:  $695 per person or $595 for two or more people from the same institution.


Limited seats are available for this training session.  Registration will open on August 4.
About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to run your program.

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