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April 2013
What Do You Struggle With?
I may be opening a can of worms here, but, I want to know what you struggle with in running your program and/or using Student Manager.

With the experience we have here at ACEware we can put together a webinar or video to help with training if enough people are having the same problem.

Drop me an email at and let me know what your problems problems only! :)
Matthew's Corner of the cabin

Last Payment Made


So, you just made the umpteen millionth payment on someone's registration or group of registrations and you go to print the receipt. With all those payments on there, the student doesn't understand the receipt. 


Even worse, you can't explain it since it is just too complex. To make things even worse, all the student really needs is a receipt of this last payment they made and the balance they still owe. That's all they want.


I have worked here for five years and I can't recall how many times this situation or ones similar to it have come up. Unfortunately, there just was not any way to restrict the receipt area to only give the last payment made. That is, until now.


By adding just one Justdoit, you can get any of your current receipts to only show the last payment made. The new Justdoit is: 


justdoit("do lastpay")


As with any other Justdoit, please exit your report, save it, and then rerun it after adding this field. The Justdoit changes your report data before the report is ran. So you do need to rerun the report to get the new Justdoit to fire.


Also, be wary of any other Justdoit on your report. If it has a "0 as marker" as part of it, that tells Student Manager to quit looking for more Justdoits. The easy fix is to create a new field with your Justdoit with the "0 as marker" and then replace the original one with the lastpay function in it. Since Justdoits are ran in the order they are added to the report, the newest addition is the new one that you copied from the older field.


Hopefully this makes your life easier. Also, this function is only available in Student Manager 7.2.A.012 and later, so get updated!


Until next time,


Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems


Blackett's War: Same Struggle Different Era
Just finished reading this fascinating look at science, big data and WWII.  Seems the fight to change how we do things has been going on for a long time.

In WWII, in fighting submarine attacks, many decisions were made because "that's how we have always done it."  Scientist were brought in to study "how we done it" and in some cases result improvements of 40-80% were achieved...if the scientists were listened to.  The concept lead to the business analytics boom of the 50's and massive business growth.
Fast forward to today, and we all here "that's how we have always done it" from our schools.  When that happens, remember that Student Manager does more than process your registrations.  It can help provide the data to support your cause.
Remember to check the data whenever you make a decision.  You have the tools at your fingertips to make better decisions.
Newsletter Contest!
We are starting a new feature this month.  This monthly contest will test your Student Manager, ACEware, and Social Media knowledge.

Winners of the monthly contest will get a prize and the adulation of the masses of newsletter readers!  Woohoo!
Here's this months question:
When creating a certificate in Student Manager, what function could you use to make the numerical dates end in th, nd, rd, or st? Examples: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 3rd. 
Use the following link to register your answer:
The winner will be chosen from randomly from the correct answers submitted.  The prize this month?  A $10 gift certificate to Amazon or Starbucks coffee!
Have fun!
Did You Know?
Make a note!
Most ACEware staff will be out of the office between April 22nd and 26th on the ACEware conference/cruise.  

Please make arrangements with your technician if you need help with upgrades or other issues before those dates.

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