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December 2013
Matthew's Corner:  SQL Server is Coming!

Usually, I talk about features that are done. This time, Chuck and I thought we would do a pre-announcement of an upcoming module.

Drum roll, please...


We are working on Student Manager version 8 being able to plug into SQL Server! Stein is also making ACEweb compatible with SQL Server as well.


Now the bad news; we are still about five to seven months away from having this done. We are a good 25-35% done, so we are well beyond asking ourselves IF this can be done.


The coolest thing that I am working on is that the Find button on all of the screens will launch a Google-like search screen. This new search will filter results as you type!


Stay tuned for an announcement WHEN this is done!

Until next time,


Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems



Social media over porn? I'll take it!

Lauri Thompson

I was an early Internet user, back in the day when it was only green text on a black screen, and way before any www or http. So, imagine my chagrin when, what many of us envisioned as world-wide, graphic-driven, open communication, became over-run with porn sites. Not that I was totally shocked. After all, television certainly never lived up to the expectations of those of us who are naive and believe in a greater good.


But, I'm having my day. Apparently, social media has overtaken porn as the number one activity on the Internet.


Recently, FastCompany re-published a list of ten social media facts from Buffer that were, as the headline promised, surprising. The article even bragged that it would make me re-think my social media strategy. And, yes, now we're two for two.


Maybe you knew, but I didn't realize, that 25% of all smartphone owners 18-44 can't remember the last time their phone was out of hearing range. That must explain why 93% of businesses include social media in their marketing, and a full 62% of companies plan to blog in the near future. (Anybody see a CE class topic here?) Here's another shocker: the fastest growing demographic is at the upper end of the age range. It's not young whipper-snappers who are leading the charge, but adults. And, did you know that YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network? Wonder how that will impact the next presidential election.


You can read the entire article, plus commentary on how it might impact your organization at and I recommend it as a great two-minute read. 


Not surprising, ACEware plans to devote a session at our annual conference to social media. Because some of those stats - well, we didn't find them surprising at all.



New Video:  How To Price a Class
How to Price a Class
How to Price a Class
This video takes a look at how to calculate a price for a class, types of expenses, and key terms like go/no-go and breakeven.  
Holiday Schedule
Like many businesses, Christmas and New Year's creates a change in our availability schedule as we spend time with family and friends during the holidays.

Here's what to expect in the coming month:

December 24th... Closed at 3pm
December 25th... Closed
December 31st... Closed at 3pm
January 1st... Closed

The week of Christmas, ACEware Systems will be lightly staffed. If you are planning any major upgrades or changes, please let your tech know ahead of time so we make sure support is available for you.

Enjoy the holidays!
Holiday Quiz Month
Barbara Wilson, from Georgia Southern University won our nice November quiz by answering "When creating a report, what do we use the functions NICEDATE and NICETIME for?"  

For December, we decided to have a bit of fun with the question.  Good luck!

December's question:

What was the first balloon float to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?

HINT:  It's not Bart Simpson!

This month's prize with be a gift box of awesome swag, candy and ????.

If you know the answer, goto a fill out the answer sheet.  The winner will be announced in next months newsletter.

Good luck!
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