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November 2013

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Matthew's Corner: Emergency Emails

Have you ever had a snow storm or some other emergency close your campus and cancel all of your classes? For about two years now (since version 7.2.060), you have had the ability to send Emergency Emails from the Tools Menu with everyone in a class for the day of the emergency getting emailed.


Well, several times people have come to us and asked for Emergency Emails that only pertain to one building. They were running into times where the water was off in the building or a thunderstorm knocked a tree through the third story window or something like that. So we added a new option for Building Specific Emergency Emails in build 7.2.A.020.


In both cases, you choose the day of the emergency (defaults to today), you are given the option to edit message to send to the students, you also have the ability to email the teachers, and you have the ability to edit the subject sent. In Building Specific Emergency Emails, a check-mark list of buildings comes up and you can select as many buildings as you want.


With winter approaching and about half the U.S. facing snowstorms, I'm sure this is one feature that will get used a lot in the next several months assuming you can somehow get access to Student Manager during the emergency to send them.


Until next time...


Matthew Olsen

Where in The World are Chuck & Greg?
During the conference season, Chuck and Greg start to feel like Carmen from the old video game series.  Flying around the country, dodging evil TSA agents, looking for clues (hotels)...

November is no different!  You will have a chance to find both of them and the ACEware booth at the following conferences:

UPCEA Marketing - Nov 6th -8th, Austin TX (Greg Only)

LERN - Nov 21st & 22nd, San Francisco CA

Stop by and visit them if you are at either one of these conferences.  Mention this newsletter and get one of our new awesome ACEware LED flashlights! (be quick, limited supply)
New Video:  Importing Name Data
Importing Name Data
Importing Name Data

There's a new video on our YouTube channel on using the Import Names Wizard.  This tool allows you to important names and other data into your Student Manager files.  

This is a great tool for bringing in names and information that your using to conduct sales calls within the CRM module. 
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November is a Nice Quiz Month
N is for nice and November. 
Last month's winner is the nice Nicole Soll from Montana State University who correctly answered the question "What do we use the emergency email tool for in Student Manager?"  The answer was to contact everyone in a class on a specific day when there is an emergency.  Nice win Nicole!

Keeping with our nice theme, here's the question for this month:
When creating a report, what do we use the functions NICEDATE and NICETIME for?

If you know the answer, goto a fill out the answer sheet.  The winner will be announced in next months newsletter.

Good luck!
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