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May 2013
Jeanie is Retiring!
Jeanie Travers, ACEware's fearless office manager, cruise director and person who knows where stuff is will be retiring on May 21st.

Jeanie is one of the original ACEware staff having been with the company for 19 years!

Don't know who Jeanie is...gasp!  If you have ever been to a conference, she plans them.  She answers the phone, and makes sure things run smoothly in the background.

Send your congratulation remarks to or post to our Facebook page.
FREE Webinar! The New Networking
ACEware is proud to sponsor another great learning opportunity for our customers.  Here is a chance to learn more on how to blend social media tools into your traditional networking techniques.

Speaker Karen Southall Watts began working in business education in 1999 teaching both in traditional college classes as well as community workshops and in corporate training.  Her writings have been featured on, Fox Business News Online, and the New York Times. She has also authored a series of eBooks on business topics.

The webinar will be June 4th, from 1:30-2:30 central time.

To register or for more information, use this link:


Matthew's Corner:  Spell Check on Catalog Descriptions
 One of the ideas coming out of the surveys being done by Chris Harvey is that people wanted the ability to Spell Check Catalog Descriptions.
As much writing as I do, I certainly understand the need to have a tool to Spell Check. So I decided to look into it.


I did find a way to pull up the Word Spell Checker and use it to scan. The down side with that is not everyone has Word installed (people that run on servers) and people have different versions. So this solution would get complicated pretty quick. I could piggy back this with a hook up to Open Office for people that don't have Word, but that would add even more work for me and no guarantee that your IT would allow it.


I then stumbled upon a blog by the Foxpro guru, Craig Boyd. He implemented a rather fast spell checker based on the Spell Checking Oriented Word Lists (SCOWL) compiled by Kevin Atkinson. So building on these guys' work, I now have it so you can check your spelling on your Catalog Descriptions. This dictionary has more than 140,000 words. Plus you do have the ability to add to that dictionary like any other Spell Checker.


There are some requirements to use this new tool. First, you must be on Student Manager 7.2.A.013 or newer. Also, you must download the dictionary table from our Tools on the Student Manager Resources page. Please talk to your tech if you do not have the username and password to access the update or the Tools download.


Above is a sample run of the Spell Checker from my Demo. As you can see, I can't spell "automatic" and the Spell Checker caught it for me!


Until next time,

Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems



Watch our new YouTube video on the spell check feature!


Using Spell Check with Descriptions in SM
Using Spell Check with Descriptions in SM

Cruise/Conference Pictures
chuck at conference
The link below will take you to some of the pictures from the cruise/conference that I was able to take.  

The conference was awesome!  Lots of learning took place and many attendees got one on one time with techs. 

Picture Link:

If you were at the conference/cruise and would like to share some pictures, send copies or links to
Jill Johnson is Our First Winner!
Jill was the winner of April's Newsletter challenge:
When creating a certificate in Student Manager, what function could you use to make the numerical dates end in th, nd, rd, or st? Examples: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 3rd. 
the answer was DATETH.  4 people submitted correct answers and Jill was randomly selected from the four.  Jill is from the Chester County Night School and has received a $10 gift certificate for Amazon.
May Newsletter Quiz!
Here is this month's question:

What is the most current version of Student Manager?  Just looking for the first two numbers.  IE X.Xa

If you think you know the answer submit it at:

The quiz will be open to the end of May and a winner will be picked from the winning entries.

This month's winner gets there choice of a $10 Amazon or Starbucks gift certificate.
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