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October 2015 | Issue #36
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
ACEware Employee Spotlight: AJ Giliberto
We thought it would be neat to really show what ACEware Systems is made of: A great staff. This month, we're highlighting AJ Giliberto.

AJ is a 13 year veteran at ACEware. In addition to being the Network Administrator, he manages the mail server, handles all of the technology purchasing for the company, and still finds time to be the best technician possible for 50 customers

Prior to working for ACEware, AJ was a customer at the University of New Orleans. He also did a stint as a radio personality--which is why AJ is the voice of ACEware, and why you hear him on the menu when you call in.

In his spare time, AJ enjoys reading, watching movies, and following Formula 1 racing.

He had this to say about his job: " Working to help our customers over the years and meeting many of them at conference has been great fun."

Contributed by Matthew J. Olson and AJ Giliberto

Email Course Follow-ups

Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy way to email people that recently took a course some kind of follow-up message (i.e., a survey, "thank you" message, etc.)? Well in Student Manager 8.0.028 you can!

Introducing Email Course Follow-ups. This feature is almost exactly like the Email Course Reminders feature that we've had for a while now, except with this one, you can set it to run a certain number of days after a course has ended.

To start using this, you need to go to your preferences and enable Send Email Follow-ups on the course tab. It will prompt you if you want to set courses that haven't ended yet to get this email. You can also go directly to a course record and check the Email Follow-up to Students box on the Comments tab. From there, the Email Course Follow-ups routine will fire when a person logs in that has the preference set or by going to Tools -> Email Student Follow-ups.

Contact your technician or see the topic in the Online Help Guide for more information on this feature or the Reminders one. Since this was a wish from a user, please let us know other features you wish for. 

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Are you attending a UPCEA regional conference this month? ACEware is a long time financial sponsor of these annual meetings. Every year, the sponsorship funds we provide are designated for scholarships to support the growth of emerging continuing education professionals. We believe in each of you as CE providers and in the work you do every day. Thank you!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Continuing Education for Stein and Matthew
Chuck is a huge believer in Continuing Education. So much, in fact, that he ensures that our software developers are always up-to-date on the latest programming trends. To that end, Stein and Matthew will be attending the SWFox convention in Gilbert, Arizona, October 15-18. Additionally, Stein is attending the West Wind Web C onnection Training October 14-15 as a pre-con to the conference.

Both developers head to Arizona every fall for this conference. They usually bring back some interesting ideas. If not that, they at least bring home new ways of developing and some new contacts to help them when they are stuck.

Here at ACEware, we hope that everyone reading this attends conferences and trade shows to further their education. If you don't attend our conference, maybe there are other things that can help you learn what you need. We'd all like to think we know everything, but there is always something that can be learned!

Contributed by Matthew Olson
2016 Conference Update! Pre and Post Conference Sessions Announced
You've held the dates of May 17-20 to visit us in Manhattan, KS for the 20 th Annual ACEware Users' Conference, right? We're planning a big event full of learning and networking opportunities. We have our pre-conferences lined up and there's something for everyone.

Matthew is offering a session on A Galaxy of Functions: Your Key to Reports. Spending the day with him will help you understand the basics of functions and how they're used. You'll cover as many functions as possible during the day so be ready to move at warp speed!


For those of you that have the honor of being Student Manager Keeper of the Flame, Lauri will spend the day coaching you for this role. You'll review utilities and maintenance tips, use the magic box and vrunfox, as well as talk about the importance of having a training plan in place.


Back by popular demand is our Student Manager 101 session. Chuck and Mike will cover the fundamentals in this session. This six-hour workshop is a must for newest users but also an ideal refresher for veterans. We guarantee everyone in attendance will leave saying "I didn't know Student Manager could do that!"


And, because you asked for even more of these extended sessions, we've lined up a couple of post-conference sessions as well. Spend Friday afternoon in one of our special sessions. Cheryl will offer a session on Supplemental Data Capture Pages where she'll answer your questions such as "When is a supplemental data page needed and how do I create this page?" and "Where does this extra data go and how do I get it?"


Lindsey will lead a session for the Extreme Report Writer and will give you the ins and outs of justdoits, justafters, and more!


In between these big conference bookends, you'll have 2.5 days full of presentations and hands-on workshops from ACEware staff and customers. Register before December 31st to get discounted registration rates!


Keep an eye on our conference site. Registration fees are posted and we will continue to add updates for this exciting spring event!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Sunsetting Service for 7.2.A
I appreciate sunsets and sunrises. Sunsets offer a spectacular end to any day. Sunrises, on the other hand, provide a new sense of hope for the day ahead. When I can FORCE myself to get up at the crack-of-dawn, I never regret it. My outlook and attitude for the day are better when I've made the effort to welcome the day.

ACEware will sunset support--maintenance, patching, and development for 7.2A--with the new calendar year. All support, enhancements and new development will be focused on 8.0, which has now been in production for 18 months nationwide.

Change can be difficult. We understand. But, the modifications, enhancements, and new features in Student Manager 8.0 make it worth the effort. To see for yourself, we have a list of changes for you in the Help Guide, and we've archived some webinars to guide you. More importantly, your tech is here to support you, pointing out all the ways SM8 can make you, and your programs, stronger.

If you're a morning person, enjoy the sunrise, and then call your tech to schedule your upgrade. Are you more of an evening personality? Call your tech, and then settle in for a brilliant sunset. It's time to upgrade! 

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire and Lauri Thompson
Here's to your continued success!

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein
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