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May 2016 | Issue #43

Current Releases: SM 8.0.038 (4/12) | AW 3.5.030 (4/26)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Payments to Canceled Registrations
How many times have you made a payment to a canceled registration and forgotten to uncancel the registration? Well, now you'll never forget again.

In Student Manager 8.0.039, there will be a prompt when you add a payment to a canceled registration. You have the choice to cancel the payment, continue doing what you are doing, or to uncancel the registration. No need to remember to uncancel the registration, the program will  do it for you.

Contributed by  Matthew Olson
20 New Features at the 20th Annual Users' Conference
I am so excited to have our customers in Manhattan this month for conference. Since this is the 20th Annual Conference, I thought we should have 20 Student Manager features to debut.

Do you want to be one of the first people see these features? Well, you need to be here Wednesday, May 18th at 9:15am. If you haven't registered, register now!

Two years ago, I debuted the SQL Server version of Student Manager, the new find screens, favorite reports, and a host of other things for the 8.0 release. Last year was the debut of the bigger Name, Course, Register, and Pay screens. What big items are you going to see this year?

I would hate to give away secrets, but I think this one is already out of the bag anyway. So here is a tidbit that I will share in advance of conference:  Archiving is returning to Student Manager 8.0, and it is bigger, better, and easier to use than ever before. I will be dedicating an entire session to explain all of the details of the new archive feature. That session will be at 1:15pm on Thursday, May 19th.

So tell me, are you as excited about conference as I am?

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Partnerships in Program Development
Continuing Education (CE) staff are the hardest working, most committed professionals we know. Each and every one of you is a true hero, committed to helping people of all ages reach their personal and professional goals. This could be maintaining professional certification, improving skill sets to meet the demands of today's workforce or simply trying new things for personal enrichment.

As heroes, you face formidable challenges. You are expected to be financially self-supporting, generate additional revenue and head counts for the institution, and do it all with a limited number of staff and a finite amount of time. What do you do? As the campus problem solvers, you rise to the challenge, work smarter (with your ACEware software partner), and develop new community, state, regional, and national programs to increase registrations.

Developing new programs while implementing existing programs is daunting. How do you grow new programs when you're struggling to maintain the programs you already have? There are many opportunities, but below are three partnerships to develop and nurture.

Faculty and Departments: Your on-campus content experts should be your greatest allies in program development. Many academic, credit-bearing courses can be broken up and delivered as smaller noncredit classes. Departments are feeling the budget woes and may be glad for their faculty to have an opportunity to receive additional income for content that has already been developed. Consider bundling these courses into a professional certificate or badge (with the help of ACEware's Course Packaging module). Your registrants will appreciate the opportunity to have this content in smaller chunks and, who knows, it may just lead to increased credit course enrollment. It's a win-win!

Note that policies on faculty overload payment will vary from campus to campus but there are many types of arrangements to be made that benefit the department, your unit, and your students.

Businesses: Get to know business leaders in your community and listen to their needs for employee growth. You may be able to supplement a business's existing professional development program or help them develop a new program series. You are in the position to quickly design "on-demand" classes to meet their immediate needs. You know the content experts (from your faculty partnerships) and your ACEware software supports the quick course and registration set-up for these programs.

Third-Party Providers: To further expand your course offerings beyond the expertise of your faculty and community members, consider partnering with course providers such as ProTrain and ed2go. These partnerships extend your course offerings with little overhead to your unit and, as an added bonus, they'll help with marketing! ( Do remember to maintain your college and department partners - avoid competing with them!)

ACEware is proud to have developed an import option to capture, without duplication, the courses and students from both ProTrain and ed2go. A webinar on this import feature is in our webinar archives.

Your efforts to develop new partnerships and programs can be documented with your ACEware reports. You'll demonstrate what we already know - that CE units are vitally important to the campus and community.

How do you cultivate partnerships to develop new programs in your CE unit? Send an email to We'll share your ideas in our next newsletter.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
ACEware on the Road Again
Chuck with the Lee College Team at TACE
Chuck with the Lee College Team at TACE.
We enjoy the opportunity to get out to meet our customers and mingle with the champions of continuing education! We're amazed by all you do to support workforce training, career education, and the 
personal/professional development of your students.
ACEware- a proud sponsor of OK PACE
Chuck at KaHEC Meeting

In April there were so many professional and association meetings we couldn't get to them all! We provided sponsorship to two ACHE regional events. In addition, we sponsored and traveled to four spring meetings. We attended the Texas Administrators of Continuing Education (TACE) and both the Ohio and Oklahoma Post-Secondary Adult Career Education (PACE) spring conferences. We finished the month by traveling just down the road to Salina to participate in the Kansas Healthcare Education Council (KaHEC).

What events do you think ACEware should be attending? Let me know by emailing

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire

We wish mothers a very special Mother's Day!
Here's to your continued success!

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Lauri, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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