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July 2013
Enjoy the Long Weekend
ACEware will be closed on July 4th and lightly staffed on the 5th.

We hope all of our customers have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.
We Need Your Help!
As mentioned last month, we are working on cleaning up and reorganizing the reports in Student Manager and creating a visual manual of all the reports in Student Manager.

As part of this process, we would like to know what reports you like and/or use on a regular basis.

If you have a report that you use on a regular basis and would like to share with fellow Student Manager users, drop me an email at .   

I will explain how to export the report and make sure you and your school get proper credit for the report in Student Manager.
You Know It's Hot...
You know it's really hot out when people start making snowmen out of barbwire!

Chuck, Chris, and I had spotted this dapper fellow a couple months ago while driving on the outskirts of Manhattan.  I keep saying "need to get a picture of him"

Well, I guess Chuck and Lauri decided to finally stop and get that picture in an effort to quiet Greg's babbling about the barbwire snowman.

Hmmm...with a little Photoshop, I can use this on the ACEware Christmas card...

Chuck and Lauri making friends with a rather prickly fellow.

Matthew's Corner - Class History

Have you or any of your co-workers wondered what other classes a person has taken? Sure, you can pull up the Courses Taken button in Student Manager to see it. But what if you wanted to print it out?


Under Reports -> Registrations -> Transcripts you may find a report that is called some variation of Class History. 


You can run this report for one person (or a whole class or whatever group you want to see) and it will pull into the report any other courses the person may have taken in addition to your query. The downside is it did not pull in any archived registrations the person may have had.


Enter in a function released in 7.2.A.0013 called clshist. You call it from a justdoit and it will bring in the entire class history of anyone that fits your query regardless of whether or not that person has archived registrations.


See for more information and the syntax of the justdoit to add to your favorite transcript report.


Until next time,

Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems




July Newsletter Quiz!
Ok, Anne Pitcock of Loudoun County Adult Ed was the winner of the June newsletter quiz.  The answer to the question "what shortcut key brings up a list of all shortcut keys?" is F1.  

Lots of right answers in June.  Keep up the good work!

Here is this month's question:

The F5 key brings up what search feature?

If you think you know the answer submit it at:

The quiz will be open to the end of July and a winner will be picked from the winning entries.

This month's winner gets there choice of a $10 Amazon or Starbucks gift certificate.
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