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Special Users' Conference Issue 2014
Yes, We Are All Getting Excited
There is something about having this year's conference in our home town that makes us work even harder to make it perfect.

I think you will find this conference a great blend of learning, networking, and change from your normal routine. 

Programs with current support agreements may have scholarships available for the conference.  Call Emily at 1.800.925.2493 to check.

If you haven't registered yet, head on over to and join us.

(Picture:  Just a hint...The city of Manhattan is letting us use this for the conference!)

4 Myths Explained About Manhattan Kansas
I thought I should dispel (a bit tongue in cheek) some of the myths about Manhattan Kansas for those of you worried about traveling to deepest, darkest Kansas.  
  • The only way to get to Manhattan is by wagon train... While we still have some original prairie and are just down the road from the very first stretch of the US highway system, you can fly right into Manhattan now.  Lines are short and TSA is not a big problem. More travel information is available on our conference website.  
  • Everyone lives in cabins... It is true that our corporate headquarters is a cabin, a rather large two story cabin. You can stay at a nice Hilton Inn just a few steps from the conference center.  Make your reservation here.  (Please note:  room rate is $109 per night not $99)  Our block of rooms at the Hilton Inn will be available at $109 until March 7th.
  • There's nothing To do in Manhattan... Ha! This is a major college town!  Food, drink, museums, attractions...lots to do!  As part of your conference attendance you will be attending a barbecue put on by one of our awesome eateries.  Checkout the conference website for other planned events.  
  •  Everyone wears purple... Ok, this one is true.  Being a University town, people love the local team...really love the team...obsessively love the team.  Purple is in! To get your BLUE conference t-shirt in the correct size, get your registration in by March 7th. 
New Student Manager Goodies
Conference is a time to announce new features for our software. This year we have some particular big announcements.

I can't tell you anything now, but, one major upgrade and some great new features are being revealed at the conference.

(picture - hmmm... wonder what this new icon is for?)

ACEware NxT
Our new cloud-based product will debut at the conference.  ACEware Nxt will be available to play with, learn how to use, and to ask techs and programmers questions about.

Conference attendees will be the first to see!
So What Sessions Are Available?
Here's a list of the sessions available to attend at the conference.  Besides these sessions, there will be table discussions on topics important to you and the CE industry.

You can also pick sessions from any of our five conference tracks: Marketing, Keeper of the Flame, Coordinators, Frontline Staff, and Finance.

  • Student Manager Preferences    
  • Intro to ACEware NxT  
  • Student Manager Credentials  
  • Using the Zipradius and Mapping Tools  
  • Setting Up Student Manager for Multiple Offices  
  • Course Packaging: BOGO  
  • Using CRM:  A Case Study  
  • Contract Training Tips  
  • Implementing a Student Manager Training Program  
  • Managing Discounts in Student Manager / ACEweb  
  • A Powerful Tool for Increasing Corporate Sales
  • ACEweb Preferences  
  • Using the Search Feature  
  • Course Lookup Options  
  • Creative Coding / Using UDF's  
  • What's New in ACEweb  
  • Managing Certificate Programs  
  • Step by Step:  A Guide to Data Cleanup in Student Manager  
  • Financial Management  
  • Engagement Management:  What is it and how do I get help from Student Manager?  
  • Writing the Perfect (web) Descriptions  
  • 10 Cheap Marketing Ideas

Bring Your Laptop!
We have a bunch of hands-on sessions this year.  This means you will be able to learn by actually working with the software.

Everyone attending is going to get a demo copy of Student Manager with sample data already installed.  No need to bring your own software!

This will also give you a chance to work with techs on learning particular skills that you want to learn and to practice and "play" as you get a chance.

Yes, internet will be available as well.
About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to run your program.

Users' Conference
Better hurry!  Not much time left to register.

The Users Conference is April 7th-9th, 2014 in Manhattan Kansas.  

For more information and to register, visit our conference at:


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