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August 2017 | Issue #58
Current Releases: SM 8.0.054 (8/7) | AW 3.5.045 (7/27)
Webinar: ACEware Software Update  -  8/09 1:30 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
ACE Award Recipient Spotlight - Mary Corley
Mary Corley receives ACE award from Chuck Havlicek at the 2017 Annual Users' Conference
ACEware recognized Mary Corley, Program Director of  The Center for Highway Construction Excellence within  Tri-County Technical College's Corporate & Community Education Division (CCED) , as a 2017 ACEware Champion Educator (ACE) at the June Annual Users' Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.  CCED, a financially self-supporting unit of 16, depends on program development, corporate partnerships, and sales to stay in business. Mary's department contributed 30% of CCED's $3 million revenue in FY2017. They work hard and efficiently, with Student Manager/ACEweb, Course Bundling, and Report Wizard as essential tools in their work processes.
Those in attendance at the June conference received valuable insights from interacting with Mary. She spoke on developing and maintaining corporate partnerships during a general session, and in her two breakout sessions, Mary discussed CCED's use of Student Manager to support their certificate programs and shared best practices for internal team collaborations. Her advice to all was to invite ACEware to your institution for custom training to develop and document your internal operating procedures, and to never hesitate to discuss ideas and software needs with ACEware. (We certainly agree with her!)
When managing 1,000+ programs, processing 14,000 registrations, and issuing approximately 10,000 certificates annually, CCED is always in search of streamlining procedures. They can be credited with system enhancements such as the Make Credentials button you see on a registration record.
In next month's newsletter, we will spotlight our second ACE awardee for 2017, Maxie Starr Flores.
Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Resources to Help You Train New Employees
Do you have new employees? Here are some resources to help you train them in the use of Student Manager:
  • New User Guide - This is a PDF you can download and print for your new employees. It contains instructions to launch Student Manager, navigate the system, add/edit/find records, and run reports. It also has some basic exercises they can complete in a Student Manager Demo.
  • Student Manager Demo - We recommend that you download and install a demo on the new employee's computer and let them complete exercises in it instead of in your live data. This is a safe way to allow your new employee to learn the Student Manager system!  
And remember to sign them up for these valuable ACEware resources:
  • ACEware Newsletter - The newsletter provides many resources to all Student Manager users. Employees can sign up to start receiving the newsletter. They can also visit the Newsletter Archive to view past newsletters.
  • ACEware Listserv - Ask your ACEware technician to add the new employee to the ACEware listserv. They will receive notifications about webinars, training opportunities, our annual users' conference, and other ACEware news.

Contributed by Cheryl Scott
Tip of the Month: Marketing Resources
You don't have to pay the big bucks to get some valuable marketing advice. There are some useful FREE subscription-based marketing resources available. A couple of my favorites are Marketing Sherpa and Marketing Profs. This month, Marketing Sherpa offered a white paper on Optimizing Your Webpages. Take a look, and while there, you may want to sign up for their newsletter!

Contributed by Chuck Havlicek
Report of the Month: Email Transcript
There are multiple ways that Student Manager can send a student a transcript. The easiest is to generate a PDF and email that to the student from the Reports -> Registrations -> Transcripts or Names Quick Reports screens. You just checkmark the Also Email Output File when you Output As a PDF. But there is also a mass way to send transcripts using the Merge Mail routine.

First, you'll want to modify the Transcript (or Transcript HTM) template in Module -> Catalog -> Email Templates. We've started it for you, so you just need to update it for your needs.

The next thing you need to do is add a justafter to your transcript report. The syntax is:
justafter('do mergmail')

Once you save it, and every time you run it, the Merge Mail Wizard will come up after you close the report preview:
Choose your email template and set the Merge Type to Transcript to send each person that came into the report one email with all of their courses on it.

If you want to find out all that the Merge Mail routine can do, check out our help guide. You can also talk to your technician if you need additional help.

Submitted by Matthew Olson

Here's to your continued success!

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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