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August 2018 | Issue #70
Current Releases: SM 8.0.065 (8/6) | AW 3.5.050 (5/15)
ACEware Software Update - 9/12 1:30 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
2018 ACEware Champion Educator - Sara Stokes
Meet Sara Stokes, a recipient of our 2018 ACEware Champion Educator award at conference this past June. In addition to being the Keeper of the Flame for ACEware, she serves as the liaison between the Workforce Training Center and the main campus at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC). According to Sara, her role is to, "make sure all policies and procedures are being followed and that Student Manager meets all audit processes." With Sara's leadership and initiative, Workforce Development has implemented audit processes and procedures using financial reports from Student Manager. 

Sara leads a team of 11 Student Manager users and supervises the office staff. When she isn't preparing and refining procedures for registration, certification, and reconciliation for all the Workforce programs, she's at work finishing her Bachelor of Business Administration or taking photos for families. Sara is one busy and productive professional.   

Linda Stricklin, Director of LCSC Workforce Training says, "Sara plays an invaluable role at LCSC Workforce Training. Her knowledge of ACEware has substantially decreased the time spent on searching for financial data and strengthened our ties with the controller's office." What can be better than a nod of approval from the controller's office? 
Sara's conference presentation, that shared their audit processes, was well received at conference.  We hope to get Sara to participate in a webinar soon. 

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Alternate Interfaces
If you were looking for continuing education opportunities in eastern Alabama, you'd do well to check out the offerings from Auburn University. In addition to a wide range of courses from the Office of Professional & Continuing Education, you would also find a separate schedule of special training and certification programs at the Government & Economic Development Institute. Both organizations are ACEware customers. Interestingly enough, even though they work out of separate offices and each group has its own copy of Student Manager, they use the same web server and share a single ACEweb installation. What's more, they have plans to put up a third web site (for OLLI registrations) using that same copy of ACEweb.

Just how is the Auburn staff managing to accomplish this? By using ACEweb's alternate interface feature (AIF), which allows customers to create separate sites for a specific course group listing and/or Student Manager database. Implementation is based ACEweb's use of mapped page extensions; you'll note that on a standard AW site, all active pages end with .awp (for ACE Web Page). The alternate sites are distinguished by adding a numeric suffix (.awp1, .awp2, etc); each suffix has an associated configuration file which allows overriding the Aceweb.ini settings. That means each alternate site can have its own set of html templates, styles, and preferences. For an example, check out the dramatically different designs at these Virginia Commonwealth University sites, both running on the same AW server: Continuing & Professional Ed and Nonprofit Learning Point (though the latter is no longer active).

ACEweb customers who offer a group of courses on contract with a specific firm could set up an AIF for that firm. It would only display the designated contract courses, and could incorporate the firm's website design, so that users feel as though they are still on their company site when they go to register for courses.

One caveat: When setting up the templates for an alternate site, it's critical to ensure that all navigation bar links are consistent (i.e. pages that will be displayed on your .awp2 site should only contain links to other .awp2 pages). You don't want your users jumping back and forth between sites - it's confusing to them, and could result in users getting logged off inadvertently if the IsolateLogon option is active. This feature is used by most AIF customers to ensure that a user can't log onto one site and then register for classes on a different site without logging in again.

You can purchase and run up to 9 alternate interfaces in conjunction with one ACEweb installation. Contact your ACEware technician for pricing and further details.

C ontributed by Stein Goering
KOF Position Description
Last month, Chuck talked about a Keeper of the Flame Position Description that was in development. The document is available for download here. Send your comments and suggestions  to

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Student Manager and ACEweb Resources Passwords
From time to time we change the credentials to the customer resources on It has been a couple of years (26 months to be precise) since the last change. This means that updates, locked webinars, and access to many of the tools won't be available until you get the new passwords. You can get the new passwords from your technician.

Contributed by Matthew Olson

Tip of the Month: Keying Through Dropdowns
I was recently asked for a better way to scroll through a huge list of dropdowns. Rather than scrolling, you can just hit the first character (whether letter or number) of the code. That will take you to the first occurance of that that character. Hit the same character to go to the second one and so on. Hopefully, that will help you get through a huge list of codes really quick.

Note: Unfortunately, this looks at the code and not the label. So, if your codes are a bit obscure, then this trick isn't going to work.
Contributed by Matthew Olson
Report of the Month: Enrollment Report (F2)
Do you find times where you need a quick list of courses with enrollment numbers, locations, instructors, and date/time information? Or maybe you just need to give something to the custodial staff so that they know what class rooms need servicing and when? Then the Enrollment Report is right for you. Even better is that we have done some work on it for Student Manager 8.0.066.

Let me talk a bit more about the Enrollment Report before we talk about what is new. This area can be accessed by going to Module -> Courses -> Enrollment Report. You can also hit F2. Once you get there, the main thing you want to first
visit is the green box, which lets you choose a date range for courses you wish to view. Once you make a choice, a box or series of boxes comes up to the right to enter relevant information. Once you've made this selection, you can further refine your list of courses in the "That also match" section of the screen. These are and conditions, which means that your criteria must match everything you enter here.

Another important aspect of this screen is right at the very top, where you choose how you want to view the output. No matter what you choose, you will get a list on the screen. Selecting "Screen" does limit it to where you just see your data on the screen. "Print" gives you the option to print a report of the data you see on the screen and "Excel" prompts you to save an Excel spreadsheet.

One of the new things on this screen is the addition of Category and Type choices. The other new thing is that you have more options to select multiple things in the "That also match" area rather than just a few. It used to be anything from Course Number down to Title would kill the ability to also put something in one of the others. Now there is no restriction. This means that Enrollment Reports are now a little more powerful since you can make your list as concise as possible.

I was reflecting on just how powerful reporting is in Student Manager. And we aren't done making it even more powerful! Enjoy.

Contributed by Matthew Olson

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Carmel, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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