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July 2017 | Issue #57
Current Releases: SM 8.0.053 (7/11) | AW 3.5.045 (7/11)
Webinar: ACEware Software Update   (7/12 1:30 CDT)
Membership Management (7/20 1:30 CDT)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Course Import Wizard
For conference last year, I made 20 small features in honor of our 20th Users' Conference. This year, I made just one feature, but it is a big one: the Course Import Wizard. It is in the 8.0.053 Student Manager release.

This import is modeled after the Names Import Wizard and can be found under Tools -> Import/Export. The Course Import Wizard allows you to bring in fields for course data, course UDFs, fees, instructor data, and grouping codes. You can even have multiple fees, instructors, and grouping codes in your import (just make sure that you keep your columns all together for each one). As with the Names Import Wizard, you are given a drop-down list to match each column with the columns in Student Manager. It'll even default to the proper one if your Excel* file already has the Student Manager naming conventions in place. To get the field names, look at the screen layout in help and just hover your mouse over the field.

At conference, many thought that this would be a huge time saver, especially when you are given spreadsheets from third parties with course information. I'd love to hear your use of this feature. Just email me at

*NOTE:  The Course Import Wizard only works with Microsoft Excel

Contributed by  Matthew Olson
Training Options from ACEware

Hearing the sharing of ideas among colleagues and seeing the excitement that comes when customers discover something new in the software are the two things that we enjoy most about our annual conference. In Scottsdale, each day was full of enthusiasm as ACEware users added to their list of new ideas to share with their team on their return. It was a great week!

The annual conference is one of many training options available to you. ACEware can come to your department for private training and consulting. We work with your team to create the agenda and send a trainer to you for a staff retreat. Our customers that schedule customized training on a regular basis have shared how this improves their internal processes significantly.

If you are interested in having an ACEware representative come to you for training, contact Sharon for information on options available.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month: Clearing/Resetting Student Passwords
Whenever a student has an issue logging into ACEweb to register, there are a few resources at your disposal to get them in:
  • Many students fail to see that there is a Forgot Password link right by the login button. When they click that, they are sent an email and they have 24 hours to use the link in that email to reset their password.
  • Alternatively, in Student Manageer, you can right-click on Email label on the Names screen. A similar email as what ACEweb sends is then sent out. Again, the user only has 24 hours to click the link in that email.
  • For instant gratification, you can bring up the Names screen for this student and press Alt+Shift+P (or as I found out at conference from Cody at Missouri State, you can press Alt+Ctrl+P) on your keyboard. This clears the password field and resets them to your default password in ACEweb (normally first and last initials and zip code).
Hopefully one of these options gets your student in and registering for your courses in no time!

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Report of the Month: Firms with Registrations
How often are you looking at Firm data? If that kind of information is important to you (especially if you run a lot of contract classes or want to see what firms need marketed to more), then the Firms With Registrations report will be something you want to look at.

The Default report under Reports -> Demographics -> Firms (w/Registrations) has plenty to offer. It shows the firms, employees, course information (including money), and totals for registrations, employees, and cost. Here is a sample out of our demo:

Lots of goodies here. Tweak it to add even more details if you need them. Happy data gathering!

Submitted by Matthew Olson

Here's to your continued success!

Your ACEware team,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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