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September 2019 | Issue #83
Current Releases: SM 8.0.079 (9/9) | AW 3.5.055 (7/15)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Take Your F - Key Reports to a New Level (with Custom Conditions)
The quick key Reports (F2 - Course list, F3 - Instructor search, F5 - Name Finder, F7 - Pay Grabber, and so on) are some of my favorite tools within Student Manager.
Sometimes you don't need a fancy "report" to get a count of records, a list of upcoming classes, or all names from a certain city, etc. Your fantastic F-key reports (hit F1 in Student Manager to get the "Cheat sheet") can do the trick.
There is a webinar in the Webinar Archive (go to Reporting Tools/"Functional Function Keys") that gives a good overview of the different F-key tools.  However, while it does mention "Custom" searches, it really doesn't go into much detail.
Now that we have the detail, let's go on to how you can go beyond the set of select conditions we give you. Keep reading to get a quick overview, but if you'd like to, you can jump to the full white paper. It has detail and will help you take your F-key reporting to the next level.
The Overview:
On each F-key panel, there is an area where you can type in a custom match condition:
Generally, hovering over the empty box displays a tootip to explain which fields are available to use. Again, while the main panel of the F-key screen offers several dropdown or fill-in-the-box options, sometimes you want to search on some data source that is NOT listed in the screen. That's where the Custom Condition comes in.
Want to learn more? Click here to get the full white paper. It's about 5 pages long and offers a quick primer on data selections that can also help you in some other areas within Student Manager. NOTE: if you REALLY are not familiar with the F-keys, go watch the "Functional Function Keys" webinar.
I guarantee you'll "Function" a lot better!
Contributed by Chuck Havlicek
Why Report Wizard?
In last month's newsletter, we shared the Report Wizard special in celebration of a new academic school year. This was followed by a webinar that focused on the magic of the wizard and what it can do to enhance your existing Student Manager report writer. If you missed the webinar, catch it in our webinar archives.

Here are a few good reasons to add the Report Wizard to your ACEware software package this fall:
  • Attractive charts and graphs to showcase your data
  • Dynamic dashboards with gauges
  • The Wizard knows your data!  (You don't need to know how tables are joined, or even what a join is.)
  • The ability to drill down for the nitty-gritty details
  • A scheduler that allows you to pre-schedule reports to run and send any time you need
  • The Report Wizard price will go up in January (This got your attention didn't it?)
Yes, the price to add the Report Wizard will increase to $2,495 in January 2020. Adding this module before the end of September (when our back to school special ends) gives you the best value, but you can still add the module for $1,695 through the end of this year.
Watch the webinar
Schedule a free test drive (contact Sharon)
Purchase the Wizard
Start 2020 with new reporting skills!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Enterprise Consulting
ACEware enjoys the opportunity to visit our customers on-site. The chance to spend quality time with staff, discover more about the programs they run, and provide customized training to help them use our software to its full potential is a win-win: You leave the training with new ideas and streamlined process, and we return with ideas for new features and enhancements.

To date in 2019, ACEware has visited Auburn University, Indiana State University, OLLI at University Center, Oklahoma State University, University of West Alabama, Main Line School Night, and as you get this newsletter, Matthew is heading to Tri-County Technical College in South Carolina. Additional trainings are being planned before the end of this year.

Did you know that in addition to private software training, ACEware offers Enterprise Consulting? With this service, ACEware reviews your mission and long-range goals, analyzes your existing data, surveys your staff about how they use the software in their role, then travels on-site to see your team in action! While on-site, training sessions are provided, standard operating procedures (SOPs) are established (aligned with mission and goals), and follow up meetings are set to monitor progress.

If you're ready to really dig into aligning your software with your processes and developing standard operating procedures, get in touch with me. I'll be glad to work with you! Speaking of SOPs, you DID know we have a template for that, right? Get it here (and email me if you need the credentials to  this white paper)!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month:  Paying Balances and Invoices Online
Did you know that your students can pay outstanding balances and invoices through ACEweb? They can even pay balances for other people that they have proxy registered!

Paying Balances Online:

To enable this feature, you need to add a button to the "Registration History" page (ShowTranStatus.htm) if you're on an older build of ACEweb. Here's the code to add, if your template doesn't have it:

<input type="submit" name="btnAccounts" value="Payment Status" />
This should be placed in the section with the other buttons for Current/Completed courses on the template.

When your logged in student clicks the Payment Status button, if they have outstanding balances, they will see something like this:

The user can then check the box or boxes of the balances they want to pay, and click Pay Now, which will take them through the payment process as if they were paying from the enrollment cart.

Paying Invoices Online:

This feature allows your students to make an online payment for an invoice that you created from a billing record in Student Manager.

You'll need to be on a build of ACEweb version .011 or later, and your invoice numbering scheme must be the default (invoices that start with a "V").

To enable:
  1. Obtain a copy of the from your ACEware technician.
  2. Unzip files into the following locations:

    InvoiceStatus.awp - Templates folder (wconnect\ace)
    InvoiceStatus_page.prg and InvoiceStatus_page.fxp - aceweb subfolder within the regular aceweb folder (i.e. inetpub\aceweb\aceweb)

  3. Add the Pay Invoices button - to the regstatreq.htm or showtranstatus.htm template:
<input type="submit" name="btnInvoices" value="Pay Invoices" />

Now if your student clicks the "Pay Invoices" button from their registration history page (and if they have an invoice record with a balance), they will see something similar to the following:

The process for paying is the same as if it were an outstanding balance payment.

Contact your technician if you have questions or want to get either of these handy features enabled for your ACEweb site!

Contributed by Jason Allen
Report of the Month: Print Requisition(s)
Do you need to print forms to get approval for various expenses? If you track expenses in Pocket Ledger, you can do this straight from Student Manager.

To get to the form, pull up the pocket ledger expense and click on Print Requisition. The default form that shipped with your system looks something like this:

The form can be manipulated to get the signatures you need and fill in other important information (i.e. course information).

Speaking of manipulation, you can run all sorts of useful reports from this area. If you need to print on checks, it can do that. Another idea is set it up to show details for your expense to save as a PDF for you financial department. Surely you have other ideas, too!

Contributed by Matthew Olson

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein, and Susan

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