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January 2019 | Issue #75
Current Releases: SM 8.0.071 (1/9) | AW 3.5.052 (11/5)
ACEware Software Update - 2/6 1:30 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
ACEware User New Year's Resolutions
I'm not sure if most folks even bother to make resolutions anymore, but I still believe that the advent of a new year represents the opportunity for a "New Start", "Do Over", etc.

I would challenge all ACEware users (ACEware staff as well, since we ALSO use ACEware every day) to continue this tradition. In the spirit of freshness of a new year, let me offer you some of my resolutions:
  1. Continue to Learn. Take advantage of all the events your ACEware team offers. Sign up for (and attend or watch later in archive) the webinars, participate in the List Serv, sign up for the forum, the newsletter...and ...drum roll... register for the Las Vegas Users' Conference!!!
  2. Do ask, do tell! If you want ACEware (Student Manager and/or ACEweb) to do something (or QUIT doing something), you gotta TELL US! Your techs are good, but we are NOT mind readers or clairvoyants. We can't help, fix, or improve something unless we know about it!
  3. F Stands for F-antastic, F-ast, F-abulous F-Keys! If you are NOT using the F-keys (press F1 in Manager to open the list) you are F-ailing to take advantage of some great tools (Chuck's faves: F2, F5 and F9). And YES, we've got a webinar on them: "Functional Function Keys."
  4. Participate in Preferences (that's the webinar series on understanding/setting/maximizing your Student Manager Preferences). The series starts January 24th, at 2:00 pm CDT. Matthew has added a bunch of new functionality, and many of those require you to, "flip the switch," to turn them on. I'll personally guarantee that you'll discover a BUNCH of new tricks by the time you're finished!
  5. And finally...Enjoy what you do! As a former card-carrying continuing educator and still a true Cont Ed believer, I've always felt that our profession is the Rodney Dangerfield of professions. You all do so much for so many (with so little resources). You should be proud of what you do, and in spite of the slings, arrows, and alligators that life (and administrations) flings at you, feel good about what you are doing to help your students!
Look forward to working with you all in 2019.

Contributed by  Chuck Havlicek
2019 ACEware Planning Retreat Benefits You!
We gathered at ACEware headquarters last week for our annual planning retreat. Student Manager and ACEweb wish lists were reviewed and you're going to be thrilled with what we're planning to unveil at our June conference in Vegas (have you registered yet?)

A supplemental service package is coming your way this year, bringing you the option for enhanced support from ACEware! More information on this unique package is coming very soon.

Our time was well-spent and you, our customers, will benefit!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Private Training
Michael and Lindsey were on the road early in the new year visiting customers who requested private training as part of their staff development plans. Auburn University and Indiana State University worked with ACEware to create an agenda specific to their program and staff needs.

Private training is a  valuable investment, and we applaud leaders who commit the time to participate with their team. The two or three days are spent focusing on how you do business and how ACEware can help along the way. Training is hands-on at a pace determined by the participants. Instructors are  flexible to allow for questions, answers and additional review where needed.

Those who have been through an ACEware private training say it best:       
"It was very helpful that we were able to break training up between 'group training' and 'department-specific training' times. Lindsey went to each of the two departments and walked us through resolutions to the issues specific to each department. This was a huge help."

"...this training was my first experience with ACEware formally and to describe in one word... phenomenal"

If you'd like to add a customized private training to your 2019 staff development plan, we'd be glad to work with you! You'll be glad you did!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month: 
Speak Your Mind
We rely on customer feedback for our software development ideas.  New features and enhancements are driven by you, our customers. If you want the software to work a certain way, or look a certain way, we only know if you share your ideas with us!

We  maintain a customer wish list for Student Manager and ACEweb at ACEware. Drop your technician a note when you have an idea for software functionality. ACEware reviews these lists to determine what will go into our development plans.  

Speak up with your Student Manager/ACEweb wants/needs. We're listening!

Contributed by Michael Lowry
Report of the Month: Report Wizard Email Separately
We are often asked how to email people in the report a copy of what was reported. In Student Manager, we have an 'Email Separately' routine on Invoices, Faculty Contracts, and Certificates. In the Report Wizard, you can do it with anything you want.

The key to using this feature is that the email address needs to be included in the report you're running, and the email either needs to be grouped on that field or included in the group header for that field (note, the email field does not have to be displayed on the report for this to work).

Once you have the report together, it's time to send it. Set your Output to output each group as a separate email and also set the get email address from options. Something like below should work:

In the example above, I put together a report for the year to show what a person had registered for (sort of an unofficial transcript). Since I didn't limit the people showing up (other than people taking a course that year), I had a bunch of people in the report to email. Heck, some of you probably have to mail out something like that. The cost of the Report Wizard could be offset by never having to do that kind of mailing alone! (Please call now, Sharon is standing by to take your order if you don't have the Report Wizard, yet).

Not counting UDFs that could be used for anything, there are about eight email fields in the database between the Names, Instruct, Firm, Course, Location, Catalog, and Pay. Surely, there is something that needs reported to those emails that you can't do from Manager. Dream it up and let the Report Wizard do it!
Contributed by Matthew Olson

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Carmel, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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