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November  2019 | Issue #85
Current Releases: SM 8.0.081 (11/4) | AW 3.5.056 (11/6)
ACEware Software Update - 12/4 1:30 CDT
Overview of Optional Modules  - 12/17 2:00 CDT 
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
ACEware Pets
From time to time, ACEware shares a little more than software  information. This month we're giving you a glimpse of our friends who greet us when we come home at the end of our workday.  Our pets listen to our stories about the day, never judge (at least not that we can understand), and make us feel good when arriving home. Most of the ACEware team has pets. See the friendly faces of our furry and scaly family friends below.
Sharon's Bentley and Sophie:
Matthew's Zailey, Milo, and Jynx:

Susan's Bunny, Kaiah, and Shelby:
Michael's Ash and Reptar:
AJ's Yogi:

Joe's Oreo and Jasmine: 
Jason's Ophelia, Leon, and Matilda (with Kristen, his wife too):
Lindsey's Penny and Charlie:
Contributed by Michael Lowry
We heard you were receiving an increased number of bogus name records or course proposals resulting in junk information in your data. This is likely due to nasty bots that are designed to perform simple internet tasks, like complete web-forms, repeatedly. They're really up to no good and add another layer of clean -up work you just don't need. We heard your pain and have the solution in ACEweb .056.
If you missed November's software update that reviewed the addition of Google reCAPTCHA (and other new features in ACEweb .056 and Student Manager .081), you will want to take time to catch it here.  To see the additional goodies available, take a glance at the ACEware Forum .
Contact your technician for details on reCAPTCHA. You'll be on your way to stopping those annoying bots.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
2020 ACEware Users' Conference June 2-5
Value of Customer Sharing
What do conference attendees at ACEware's annual conference appreciate?  Everyone enjoys meeting and mingling with the ACEware team, the 'how to' sessions are highly valued, and the one-on-one technical consultations fill instantly. But when the question, "what was most valuable to you?" comes up on the conference survey, the survey says:
  • "Being able to network and learn how others make ACEware work for them."
  • "I sincerely appreciate being able to meet with other users to discuss how they incorporate ACEware into their operations, particularly when each institution has  unique programs."
  • "It is great to hear others' questions, stories, and comments."
  • "Learning all the things ACEware can do and how  different organizations use it."
  • "Hearing how each institution uses ACEware was very valuable."
It is the casual conversations, sharing of ideas, and the, "how we do things," sessions that make all the difference. Seeing ACEware in action at various organizations with a myriad of program types is what you want! So, we're recruiting customers who have great stories to share. Here's a few currently invited presentations:
  • Tri-County Technical College: Developing and Maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals for ACEware and How the Report Wizard Works for Us.
  • University of Texas- El Paso: Campus Youth Programming and Strategic Coding in Student Manager
  • University of Central Florida - Google Tools in Practice
  • Auburn University at Montgomery - Pocket Ledger in Action at AUM
  • University of South Carolina Beaufort - Winning the Lottery at USB OLLI
  • Lewis-Clark State College - Cash Box Reconciliation
  • Metropolitan Community College - Tips for Successful Youth Programs, and One System, Multiple Departments: How We Work Together
We continue to recruit and welcome volunteers and topic recommendations. Speak up and share your story; colleagues want to hear from you! Reach out to with  questions or comments.  Sessions will be finalized soon! Registration opens after Thanksgiving.
Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Holiday Schedule for ACEware
It's the holiday season!  Some dates to note on your calendar are:

November 28-29- Closed for Thanksgiving
December 24-25- Closed for Christmas
December 31, Closing at noon Central for New Year's Eve
January 1, Closed for New Year's Day

Additional Calendar Note: ACEware's annual planning retreat is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, January 15-16. Mark these dates on your calendar. As always, we will be on call for emergencies, but will not schedule any appointments on those dates. 

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month: Cleaning Up Your Debug Logs
When updating ACEweb with customers, I sometimes find upwards of six months of debug logs in their ACEweb folder. A large number of debug logs can cause issues with speed and space on the server, which can impact performance. Most sites have their debug logs turned on to TABLE:, which provides your technician with a great deal of information to troubleshoot issues if they come up. However, for the most part, those logs will go unused and unneeded. In those events, you can use the cleanup tools that are built into ACEweb to clear out logs that are older than 30 days!

To clean up your debug logs, you will need to access your awadmin.aspx page.  On the right hand side, under Maintenance, click on Clean up System Files.
You will be taken to your awcleanup.awp page, where you can then select E rase Debug Files.

You will see in the description that it will erase the awdebug files that are over 30 days old. Once you click Erase debug files, it will run the process to remove the files from your aceweb folder. 

Check your debug logs today to see what you find!

Contributed by Joseph Sotkovski
Report of the Month: Attendance Roster (Report Wizard)
Unique needs and requests from one customer can benefit many customers. If you have Report Wizard or are interested in purchasing it, you will appreciate this attendance roster!

First, you will need to update some files from here (unzip to your Data folder).

The magic of this report is a new table listing called Date Lines. It really isn't a new table, but some code that reads the Room Use for a course and puts the dates into a single line. Something like so:

By showing a list of names (with alternating colors even), putting this line as a group, and then changing the label so that it looks like a header, you get this:

You have space under each day to write notes for attendance, daily grades, or whatever you need. The group is set to go to a new page every line, so for courses with more than 10 dates, the next 10 push to a second page. Dates 21-30 push to a third. And so on.

One last thing: The customer I was working with wanted to see the basic course information and instructor information on the roster as well. So the final report looks like this:
Pretty nice, huh? The report is here for you to download and import into your Report Wizard to play with revise as you wish. If you need to change which fields to include, un-check the Advanced Layout on Step 5. I had to do that so the rectangle in the Group Header 1 band would cover everything included. Recheck the Advanced Layout and double click the Rectangle to set it back to Stretch relative to height of band.

Have fun! Let me know if you run into any troubles with anything.

Remember, if you don't have the Report Wizard, the price increases in January.  If you want to add it to your software, contact

Contributed by Matthew Olson

We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!   

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein, and Susan

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