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November 2017 | Issue #61
Current Releases: SM 8.0.057 (11/6) | AW 3.5.046 (9/20)
Webinar: ACEware Software Update  -  11/8 1:30 CDT
Data Driven Decision Making: Walking the Walk - 11/9 2:00 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Adding Others to a Course Waitlist via ACEweb
One of the new features we have added to ACEweb is the ability to add others to a Course Waitlist. To use this new feature:
  • *You must be running ACEweb version 3.5.043 or later (4.0.043 if you are using the SQL version).
  • You must be using the Proxy feature (i.e. Enroll Someone Else).
  • *You will need updated copies of these templates (available in the update zip): wlinit.htm and waitlist.htm.
  • *Waitlisting must be allowed for the course (Allow waitlisting on ACEweb checked on course's ACEweb Info tab).
The feature provides a 2nd Add Someone Else to the Waiting List button on the course status page when a course is full:
When a user clicks the Add Someone Else to the Waiting List button:
  • If they are not logged in yet, they must log into their ACEweb account. 
  • They are presented with the regular Enroll Someone Else routine to select or add the person they want to add to the course waitlist.    
  • The Add to Waitlist page opens. They click the button to confirm adding the person to the waitlist:
  • The Waiting List Confirmation page is displayed and emails are sent to the person being waitlisted and a notification is sent to staff.  
For More information, see these Online Help topics:
*For help updating ACEweb and templates, please contact your ACEware technician.

Contributed by Cheryl Scott
Changes to Registration Receipts
Do you send email receipts to students after they register? Do you also generate a paper receipt in addition to the email? I was rather surprised when I saw on the wishlist that someone didn't want to even see the question, "Would you also like to send a conventional receipt?" after sending the email. Then I thought about the number of people that do send both types of receipts. Those are probably getting fewer and I am all for saving clicks if I can.

After you update to 8.0.057 and  you go to run a receipt in Student Manager, you will find that there is a new checkbox under the receipt type Dropdown. The checkbox is only enabled under the Standard Email Receipt and User Defined Email Receipt options. It says, "Print Conventional Receipt?" Uncheck it if you don't want to print a receipt. This checkbox also remembers your choice for the next time, so you don't have to keep unchecking it.

I know that this is going to change the way you normally do things. However, I think this change makes the program more user-friendly in the long run!

Contributed by Matthew Olson
Tip of the Month: Broken Links
Do you ever wonder why data does not show on reports? Why o ne course just will not display? One Registration? It can be frustrating.
A link from one table to another can occasionally break due to several factors - large databases, users accessing Student Manager across a network, or a large number of registrations coming through ACEweb.

I.E.  You must have a Name record from the Name Table linked to a Course record from the Course Table to create a Registration Record in the Registration Table. To go along with that, the Name record may have a Firm association, which links to . . .the Firm Table. Course to Location to the Location Table and so on.  From time to time a link can become broken.
You could go the Name record, remove the Firm, save and then re-add the Firm, re-establishing that link. The same could be done for Course to the Location. But doing that one by one would be annoying and a waste of time!
Anyone who has used Student Manager long enough knows that ACEware Systems programmers do not like to waste time where there can be a mass way to do something.  Fixing broken links is no different.  Under Tools | Data Cleanup there is a mass way.  Broken Firm Links is there as well as Missing Course/Instructor Links.
If you find frustrations or annoyances out there, holler at your technician. There may be a reason why it is doing what is doing and we may have a solution for you!

Contributed by Michael Lowry
Report of the Month: Default Workshop Roster
With the multitude of people going to Conferences and Workshop Courses, it is nice to know that Student Manager has your back and is there to help you. Capturing session attendees via ACEweb and Student Manager is great, but reporting on all the information is the true power of the system. Let's look a bit closer at the Default Workshop Roster under Reports -> Workshops -> Rosters/Certificates.
Besides having information about the course, there is information about each workshop and each student in each of the workshops. Knowing where your attendees are at all times of the conference will help you stay organized. Who cares if there are a few thousand attendees? You can see the total number of people in each workshop (the count running down the left side of the page). That abstract piece of information is what your presenters and room setup people care about more than anything else.

I'm sure this report will meet many needs. Have fun and happy reporting!

Contributed by Matthew Olson

During this month of November, when we take time to reflect on our blessings and what we are thankful for, we want to take a moment to say 'Thank You' to each and every one of you.  Thank you for your commitment to helping others improve themselves personally and professionally. The work you do is so valuable and we're proud to support your efforts.
We are extremely thankful for all of our customers, those who are new to our family and those who have been with us since the beginning! You are the heart of our business mission and development plans. We value your faith in us. Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ACEware Systems,

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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