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July 2018 | Issue #69
Current Releases: SM 8.0.065 (7/9) | AW 3.5.050 (5/15)
Webinars:   Chuck's Top 50 Student Manager Tips  - 7/19 2:00 CDT
ACEware Software Update - 8/8 1:30 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Awesome Tool for Firm Group Registration
If you thought that the new Student Manager goodies announced at last month's Annual Conference meant there wouldn't be anything new this month, you've got another thing coming!

We've had the Speed Registration Entry option available from the Registration Menu for a long time, but recently Matthew has added a super cool new button that allows you to see all names from one firm and add them as a group registration into a course. So you now have a really easy and quick way to register multiple people from one firm!

The main menu item still looks the same, but when you get to the Speed Add setup screen, voila!
NOTE: If you want to create a group (which is most likely what you want), be sure to check the Create Group box.

When you click on this magical new button, you are presented with the Firm Lookup list. You select the firm that is sending a batch of employees (i.e. ACEware) and... presto, zip oh... you see ALL the employees from ACEware.

Simply check the names that you want to register... hit done, and those names are IN the class.

The speed add form reports how many students you added (we're working on adding a button/link to allow you to view the actual class list). Once you are done adding students, when you exit the form, you can go back to edit one of the registrations (from that firm group reg) and set up the payment/billing for that group!

Simple and expeditious! We are excited to have folks start using this new tool. Do let us know if you have other suggestions/tips/tricks for helping simplify the registration process!

Contributed by Chuck Havlicek
2018 ACEware Champion Educator - Cody Brewington
Each year at our Annual Users' Conference, we recognize individuals who have demonstrated innovative and extensive use of our software and outstanding leadership on their Student Manager team. These individuals are given the ACEWare Champion Educator (ACE) awards in recognition of these "can-do" professionals. 

Meet Cody Brewington, one of our two 2018 ACE awardees. Cody has worked for Missouri State University  for seven years as the Noncredit Coordinator for Community Outreach. This past year he served as Training Coordinator for the MSU Public Safety Training Center in Lake of the Ozarks. He coordinates a variety of courses, ranging from leadership, law enforcement, nonprofit management, crime victim advocacy, grant writing, and numerous other professional development courses.  And, he serves as the Keeper of the Flame for the Community Outreach team at Missouri State University.

Cody shared that having ACEweb has reduced the  number of calls and manual data entry since  people are registering online. Community Outreach are strong users of the Course Quick Report area. All sign-in sheets, mailing labels, name tags, etc. come from that area. "Overall, the ease of access is what is most valuable to our staff," he says. 

Cody's advice to other Keepers of the Flame (KOFs) - "As the KOF it is important to always have a schedule for backing up the system - even if the system is located on a server that does auto backups. Ask me how I know! We had a server that kept crashing so having the most current backups always kept us from losing any data. In addition, when numerous people are accessing Student Manager, make sure to set access so that upper level admins can access the info needed and the users just entering registrations can only access what they need to do the job. It creates a system of checks and balances. Any of the financial issues in Student Manager are always ran by our budget officer before making any decisions to delete payments or registrations."

When bringing on a new software user, Cody recommends that you, "always allow them time to acclimate to the software. Make sure the user is well trained up front and let them know it is okay to ask questions. Provide the user with the helpful tips, tricks and Student Manager shortcuts. If possible, encourage new users to attend an ACEware conference because after attending for the past 6 years I always walk away with valuable info that I learn from other users and ACEware staff. "

"I feel like the ACEware staff is a part of our Noncredit Staff, since we can always count on them in a time of need. Whether it be contacting Mike, or we need to talk with any staff member they are always there for us. All of the staff at conference are extremely personable and friendly and make you feel like you are a part of the ACEware family. "

Thank you, Cody! We appreciate all you do for MSU and the Community Outreach team. We are so honored to be a part of your team!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
New Zip Codes Available
We have posted a new set of updates to the Zip Code Lookup file. To access it,  download the zipped up copy of the newzip.DBF table. Go to  Tools > Import/Export > Zip Code Updates and then choose the file extracted from the zip.
NOTE: the update routine WILL NOT bother any "Custom zip codes" or Canadian Zip codes you might have put in.

C ontributed by Chuck Havlicek
KOF Position Description Coming Soon
Remember the "Vapor-ware" years where some software companies would announce fancy, awesome sounding software which was nowhere near being available? Well we have a similar announcement.

A couple customers at the recent ACEware Conference (those of you who skipped it missed a great conference) asked if we (ACEware) had a "Position Description" for a Keeper of the Flame (KOF). While we've talked about KOFs for years, we have never put one together on paper!
We're working on a Keeper of the Flame (KOF) job description/outline that we will announce in the next Newsletter (again another reason to wait with baited breath for the next issue).

However, we wanted to pre-announce this, so that if you are looking for a KOF (whether a new position or looking at reassigning the KOF at your place), shoot a note to Chuck ( and he'll send you the draft we are working on!

Contributed by Chuck Havlicek
Tip of the Month: ACEweb Template Manager
Are you your department's ACEweb person? Have you ever needed to make a quick change to a template but didn't have access to the templates folder? Luckily there's another way! The Template Manager is a special page that lets you to make changes online to your web pages, email templates, or style sheets. The easiest way to find it is to go through the ACEweb Administration Page (ask your tech if you aren't sure of the URL). After logging on with your Student Manager credentials, you can choose which template type to modify-typically you'll be working with HTML, Framework, Email, or CSS files, and then select the file you want to edit from the left-hand side of the screen.

A few notes:
  • Modifying files through the Template Manager requires basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. 
  • With the exception of foundation and framework  templates, all changes are updated in real time, so edit with caution. 
  • You must have the appropriate ACEweb access level set in Student Manager to use this tool.
For more detailed instructions, visit our Online Help Guide or contact your tech.
Contributed by Lindsey Lieberman
Report of the Month: Credentials Reporting
One of the things that I heard at conference was that there was a need to report based on credentials entered into the system. For example, students have received a certain certification that expires in two years, so now you want to send a mailing to everyone with that certification obtained on that date (this isn't tied to a course, so you can't query against a course). This has been a wish for a while, so this was actually something that we've been working towards before conference. 

With the release of 8.0.065 last week, there is a new report area under Reports -> Demographics for Credentials. The default report is a mailing label report (to satisfy the above example), but you can do many other things like set up the Email Wizard, list employment information, or show exams that people have taken. This area doesn't just allow you to list credentials--it also allows you to query by credentials (which I believe is the real power behind this area).

Unfortunately, the area is so new, we haven't put together a good set of reports. Right now, there is just that one mailing label style that you get with updating to .065. Hopefully we'll have some others for you in the coming months (and even share some here). If you want to send me what you come up with, I'd love to see it!

Contributed by Matthew Olson

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Carmel, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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