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March 2018 | Issue #65
Current Releases: SM 8.0.061 (2/5) | AW 3.5.048 (1/29)
Webinars:  Database Clean-up  - 3/15 2 CDT
ACEware Software Update  -  4/4 1:30 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Welcome Carmel
Last week opened a new chapter in the book of ACEware Systems. We hired a new Office Assistant, Carmel Powers. She will be managing company financials  and conference registration, so you can begin sending those type of queries to Or you can just drop her a line to say hello. Carmel's hours are 9:30am-3:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday.

Carmel comes to us with a background in the health profession.  She is an RN, and is familiar with CEs and CMEs,  so she understands the importance of continuing education. She's had experience with beta testing, merging databases after a new software installation, and being the go between for IT and clinical staff.

Carmel is a newcomer to Manhattan, KS. She previously lived in Ireland, Long Island, and Somerville, NJ. She loves Manhattan, but doesn't want to tell too many people that as they would likely invade. She had this to say about her move, " Newly arrived in Kansas and working for ACEware in their log cabin by the lake, call me prairie gal!"

Carmel enjoys food, baking, and cooking (though she hasn't shared with the rest of us in the cabin). She related, "J ust got day old chicks, a totally new experience! Really fun so far! I had no idea how cute and entertaining they could be. Looking forward to getting a fresh egg for breakfast maybe by August or September."

Contributed by Matthew Olson and Carmel Powers
Good Luck, Cheryl!
Just as we welcome someone new, someone else is leaving us. Hopefully, though, Cheryl Scott will be back.

On March 22, Cheryl will begin a 2-year leave of absence to serve a welfare mission for her church. She and her husband will be serving on a ranch in central Nevada.  Proceeds of the ranch go to help those in need throughout the world.

This ends a 16+ year run of Cheryl being a technician, technical writer, webmaster, and tester. While we hate to see her go, we are happy that she is making a commitment to better the world with her work. We've certainly appreciated her work around here.

To let her know how much you will miss her, please feel free to email While I don't think she'll miss us around the cabin, she will miss the customers that she has gotten to know over the years!

Contributed by Matthew Olson and Cheryl Scott
Opening Reception Planned for Conference
Spruill Arts Center will host the 2018 Conference Opening Reception at their Spruill Gallery. On  Wednesday evening, June 6, conference attendees will have an opportunity to view Spruill's latest exhibit, the Annual Student & Faculty Exhibit, before it opens!

The show will host a variety of mediums, from painting and ceramics, to sculpture and jewelry-- all created by Spruill students, instructors, and faculty. To curate the exhibit, Spruill has selected leaders in the Atlanta art community to serve as jurors. Amy Gresens, Marketing and public Relations Manager for the center shares, "We anticipate an exciting and thoughtful exhibition of work designed to embrace and promote Spruill artists and programs."  
The reception is included in your conference registration fee. If you aren't registered, get that registration in today or tomorrow to save $100! The early registration rate expires Friday!

C ontributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month: User Security
Lately, a lot of questions are popping up on what your users can do and cannot do.  With the topic of security becoming bigger and bigger, your own users are also under scrutiny.
  • WARNING: If you and your users are all Level 6, Admin Users, this is a problem.
The main user sets up other users and their user levels, including things like whether they can edit their own preferences.  Just know, if you are the main user, and you do not allow your users to access their preferences and you have an archive, those users cannot switch to the archive to run reports or look up any archived data (though transcripts and other report areas that automatically pull in archive will still do so).


Did you know that the only difference between a Power Level 6 user and a Power Level 5 user is access to the Password Maintenance area? Essentially, the Level 5 user can do everything a Level 6 can do except add/edit/remove Student Manager Users.

Check out the Adding New Users topic in our online help guide, which talks about access levels. You can change the access levels of your users at any time, but if they are logged in at the time, they must log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Contributed by Michael Lowry
Report of the Month: Show Room Use (Ctrl+F2)
As much as Chuck harps on function keys, I hope by now you know that Module -> Courses -> Show Room Use (Ctrl+F2) can give you a quick list of upcoming room assignments/bookings. Did you also know that you can get a report out of this area to give to custodian staff and room managers? You can even get an Excel export as well.

When running your Show Room Use, just choose the print or Excel option at the top:

The print version looks something like this:

There are a number of filters on this screen to narrow down your reports should you need to do so. So, how many of you are going to quit doing double entry now that you know about this?

Contributed by Matthew Olson

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Carmel, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, and Stein

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