ACF Lands New Manufacturing Deal
Tree Diaper - locally created, now locally manufactured.
ACF Environmental procured the sole manufacturing rights to Tree Diaper in late November 2016. With ACF manufacturing and distributing Tree Diaper it is set to hit the national market and take on an industry that has been lacking a similar, effective product. 
Tree Diaper is the first and only landscaping irrigation product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation, automatic recharging with natural precipitation, weed control, and protection against extreme weather conditions into one package. We are excited to obtain the manufacturing rights, this is a great opportunity for ACF manufacturing and for a year round product to keep us busy in the winter months.

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Units are cost effective to install with low life-cycle cost.

ACF innovative solutions utilized:
· R-Tank Single and Doubles (storage for infiltration and detention).
· FocalPoint biofilter (for WQ treatment compliance).
· ACF Domed Overflow Filter Riser (overflow protection and major storm conveyance).
About the project:
· There was an infill housing development.
· Small lot filled up by mostly the proposed multi-unit housing building.
· Not enough space for traditional stormwater management systems - i.e. bioretention, rain gardens, etc.
· Needed to meet state WQ standards.
· FocalPoint (33sf) sized to treat 1st inch of runoff from building rooftop and concrete patio.
· ACF domed overflow filter riser conveys overflow down to R-Tank.
· R-Tanks Singles (under FocalPoint) connected to R-Tank Doubles (under concrete patio).
· R-Tanks infiltrate with detention and controlled release of major storms.
· A great example of space efficient, high performance, low maintenance Green Infrastructure.
ACF In The Field
The Private Health project took place in Central Florida. The engineer mentioned that he was dealing with a difficult project with a very high groundwater table. With minimal space on site and only a 12" depth allowed for storage, we employed the use of the R-Tank XD. We knew that we could fit the XD units perfectly into the 12" excavation and still respect the confines of the small job site. One of the most impressive features of the R-Tank XD is that we can achieve H-20 loading with only 6" of cover. Full project review below.

ACF Florida salesmen Bryan White and Deb Rivale worked with the  State of Florida Department of Transportation SR 46 (Seminole County) to complete this project.
ACF Environmental partnered with Synteen Technical Fabrics to supply Southland Construction, INC over 136,000/sy of Geogrid for soil foundation and slope reinforcement. Materials were delivered in December and January.  For full photo gallery click below.
Hydroturf Project - New Kent County, VA
ACF approached VDOT about a possible demo with Hydroturf. After many months of determining a location they settled on a channel install off  Rt. 613 in New Kent County, Virginia. The project began and was completed in a span of a few days. Installation went very smooth. To view photos from start to finish click on the full photo gallery below.

Complex R-Tank module arrangement for distributed infiltration systems
Three  large R-Tank systems were installed to assist with stormwater management of runoff from a 37 acre site. Complex layouts to distribute runoff collected from site development throughout expanded stone infiltration basins. Approximately 10,800 total R-Tank modules, mixture of HD tanks and SD tanks, based on depth of cover systems.
Trash Guard Plus units were also installed in upstream drains for pretreatment and screening.
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- ACF Environmental