FocalPoint Meets VDOT Tree Box Filter Specification
FocalPoint now offers VDOT low-cost option for tree box filter projects.
For this first time since being listed on Virginia's BMP Clearinghouse last year, FocalPoint was approved and installed for VDOT's Tree Box Stormwater Filter specification. A unique installation with a curb & gutter surround, the installation was part of Branch Civil's full-depth reconstruction & widening of Route 609 in Onley, VA. The three mile project included six separate 32 square foot systems.

Installed by Exact Stormwater Management, the installation had some surprises. " While we were excavating, we found two problems. One system had a sanitary sewer line in the way, and one other system had a fiber optic line that wasn't buried deep enough," according to Exact president Sean Simonpietri. "In both cases, instead of bringing the job to a screeching halt, were able to shift some of the FocalPoint components around and get the job done," he added.

With the FocalPoint systems installed and just the curb cuts left to do, VDOT can start to benefit from the low-cost maintenance of this open style of tree box filter. Unlike other systems in the marketplace, FocalPoint has an open top for complete, uninhibited access for maintenance. There are no heavy grates to lift, and no need for street side access which would require a lane closure, making maintenance a snap for one or two crew members.
R-Tank & PaveDrain Provide Maine Development Maximum Efficiency Throughout Installation

Stormwater System Components:
· Sheet Flow/Run on to PaveDrain surface, over stone base and 18" sand filter course over R-TankHD Single units for detention and controlled release.
· Entire system was wrapped in a 30ml PVC liner to prevent migration of stored water through the adjacent curvilinear segmental big block retaining wall.

Background/Design Basis:
· R-Tank was selected due to high void space (95%) due to spatial constraints and amount of storage needed to adequately control the peak flowrates associated with major storms.
· PaveDrain - served as the paving, drainage and conveyance of surface sheet flow down into the R-Tanks below. The 18" sand filter course was provided between the PaveDrain and R-Tank to provide water quality treatment in accordance with Maine DEP criteria.
· PaveDrain qualifies as a 'modular, removable, maintainable' surface and as such Maine DEP allows PaveDrain to be used in a "run -on" condition with 80% regular pavement and only 20% PaveDrain. (regular porous surfaces need to be installed over 100% of the area).

Facts and Figures:
· 689 R-TankHD Single tanks (1.44 ft tall)
· 2,379 sf (less cuts) of PaveDrain - Standard Gray - approx 12 ft wide for onsite parking spaces
· 18" sand filter layer
ACF In The Field
ACF Manufacturing improves design of  GrateGator HD
ACF's GrateGator HD is a newly designed version of our basic Grate Gator product, which is designed to remove sediment and debris from stormwater as it enters the catch basin. The GrateGator HD is a stronger, more durable unit in comparison, and does not require removal of the grate for installation. ACF has a quick turnaround time for orders, and all of our GrateGator products are produced in the USA. ACF can also produce custom orders to fit your project specifications and/or requirements.
FocalPoint space efficiency and high performance for P3 retrofit
ACF Environmental assisted Celsue Construction Services to complete an install in Price George County, MD. The FocalPoint Biofiltration System is approved as a "Micro-Bio" system by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for new construction, redevelopment and hot spot applications. In assisting with the install ACF's Stormwater engineer was able to help keep maintenance and infrastructure costs down. For more information on this project and installation click to view the project pictorial below.
Product Spotlight
Trash Guard Hood: Simple solution to any existing catch basin
Trash Guard Hood is available in three 
screen sizes for in-place or newly formed catch-basins that utilize discharge pipes of 24 inches or  less in diameter. The Trash Guard Hood is a vented catch basin hood that 
installs over the outlet pipe of a structure, reducing gross pollutants such as trash, 
debris and hydrocarbons. Click below for 
more information!
ACF installs high performance inlet filtration units  
ACF installs StormBasin ™ by FABCO Industries in Etna, Pennsylvania.  The large sediment and debris catch basin provides ample storage volume for solids carried in stormwater flows and offers an easy installation.  Please contact us today to learn how inlet inserts can be used as low impact development solutions. For more information view the product page below!
The Tidewater area has been searching for alternatives to wire backed reinforced silt fencing for awhile. With the introduction of the Smart Fence SD and HD by ACF Environmental 's Tidewater sales team, several high profile projects have recently been installed successfully. With these installations, the products have been viewed and inquired about tremendously, resulting in further opportunities for value engineering. Many of the clients have expressed their happiness with the strength of the materials, ease of installation, increased productivity by eliminating another step when installing the system and reduction in maintenance as well. ACF also offers the ability to logo the SD model for clients, which has proven to be a valued bonus to many customers.  Theses models offer a unique opportunity to both ACF and our clients that we continue to pursue in both the private and DOT markets.

Projects include:

Norfolk Premium Outlets Smart Fence HD
IKEA Park (Norfolk,Va.) Smart Fence HD

Spence Crossings (Va Beach) Smart Fence SD
Suffolk YMCA (Suffolk, Va.) Smart Fence SD
Points of Chesapeake (Chesapeake, Va.) Smart Fence SD
Cahoon Plantation (Chesapeake, Va.) Smart Fence SD

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- ACF Environmental