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P R E S I D E N T ' S  M E S S A G E

"We are all looking forward to this year's Annual Conference. With more than one speaker to choose from for each time slot, there's something for everyone, every hour of the day.  The conference will be held at Ontario Bar Association offices again this year.  This site is near the Subway and several hotels, as well as parking. 

During the course of the past year we have signed new Memoranda of Understanding with Vancouver Island University and Algonquin College with respect to our new Certified Forensic Technician (CFT) designation.  This designation is an effort to ease the transition from post-secondary student to full-fledged ACFI Member. A fuller discussion is on our website.

Speaking of our website, it was designed to create a paperless approach to all matters involving the annual fees and retail purchases . To the extent the website fails to serve this objective, please let us know."
19th Annual ACFI Fraud Conference 


Savings include registration fees for Conference and/or Workshop. 
Group registrations available. Contact the ACFI office. 
S n e a k   P e a k   i n t o   C o n f e r e n c e   T o p i c s :
Damages Quantification: Contrasting Investigative Approaches - Data Analysis vs Statistical Research

Daniel Edwards - Incorporated Partner, Crowe Soberman LLP

Mr. Edwards will consider the investigative techniques which may be appropriate in damages quantification in claims for income loss suffered by injured persons.  Specifically, using "real-life" examples, he will contrast investigation by way of data analysis with investigation by way of statistical research.

Hack-A-Shack: Avoiding the CNN Moment

Kevin Ripa- President, Computer Evidence Recovery Inc.

Target. Home Depot. T-Mobile. Remember when these names on a list meant you were doing errands? Even worse - OPM. What do they all have in common, ancillary to being hacked? They have all had a "CNN Moment". Nobody wants to be next, and it is not a question of "IF" you will be hacked, but "WHEN" and "HOW BADLY". We can't stop the "when", but we can certainly minimize the "how badly".

Many presentations TALK about hacking and compromise, but these only happen to other people. How many of them actually DEMONSTRATE one? This one does. And not just one, but two! This will show attendees how simple such an endeavor can be, and more importantly, how easy it is to fall victim to one.

Learn what can be done to secure networks, identify accidental vs intentional compromise, and finally, how to easily harden the biggest threat to every network - the accidental insiders (AKA employees). This is any network's most vulnerable vector, and yet fewer resources are spent on this vector than any other. Bring your questions. This presentation is very fast paced and dynamic, but most importantly, it is presented in PLAIN ENGLISH!
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Ontario Bar Association

T O R O N T O 
14 February 2017

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The Canadian Institute

MARCH 1, 2017

Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto, ON

10% discount available to ACFI members & affiliates
Forensic Accountant

Intact Insurance

Toronto, Ontario
"We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that inspires each of us to be the best we can be. Join our team and make a difference! At Intact, the largest P&C insurer in Canada, you will have the opportunity to confront challenges in the Ontario Claims department..."

Closes Feb. 17, 2017

BC Ministry of Justice

British Columbia

"The Independent Investigations Office is currently recruiting highly qualified investigators looking for an exhilarating opportunity that blends investigative work, research and analysis with an imperative mandate that serves British Columbians.
As a designated Peace Officer, you will..."

Closes Feb. 20, 2017

ACFI Certified Fraud Investigators

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