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This month's issue of the ACFI newsflash has an extremely informative article which members, and others, should find of some significance. The article titled Restorative Justice and Privatized Policing for Fraud Victims has been authored by Norm Groot, a lawyer of note as well as an ex-police officer. Norm is one of the ACFI's Board of Directors.


Members should note the section titled "News to Note" as well as the section titled "Elections 2016".


Finally, please note that the ACFI are currently seeking a person to fill the position of Executive Director. For more information regarding this position please go to and see 'Job Postings


We wish to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe summer.


Restorative Justice and Privatized Policing for Fraud Victims
by Norm Groot

To some people, the concept of privatized policing is offensive as they believe that the service of "policing" should be restricted to those who can be held accountable for their actions in the public realm - whether through a federal, provincial or municipal police service. Such resistance, however, is increasingly becoming outdated due to the lack of public resources to fund public policing and the corresponding increase in demand by the public for policing services. These ideas were explored comprehensively by the Law Commission of Canada in 2005 in its research entitled In Search of Security: The Future of Policing in Canada...


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Moving forward in an exciting way, the ACFI announces a new website. Don't miss the 'Media Centre' for articles and a myriad of suggested reading materials. And check out the 'Educational Tools' for the latest Fraud Manual and for the Mock Trials - all popular training tools. Browse through the site and get to know us better. Any questions, you can let us know at 'Contact Us'.

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June 2015

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Last month we made mention of the ACFI conference committee and wish to, once again, applaud their efforts in dealing with the needs and wants of this year's speakers and delegates.


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